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As a homeowner, you take pride in maintaining your property, including the trees that provide shade, beauty, and privacy. However, tree care and maintenance can be challenging, time-consuming, and dangerous, especially if you lack the experience, equipment, and training required. That’s why you should always hire a professional tree service company to handle your tree care needs.

The first advantage of hiring a professional tree service company is that they will take care of the shedding by shaping the trees, if there is a need. And secondly, they remove the fallen leaves and branches. This way, you can maintain the look of your property, from time to time.


Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Tree Service Company

When we say professional tree service company, it means a lot. There are multiple reasons, and that goes without saying that the service you get from them is satisfying. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire them to take care of the trees on your property.


Professional Tree Service Workers Prioritize Safety

Tree care and maintenance can be dangerous, especially if you need to climb a ladder, use a chainsaw, or remove a large branch. Moreover, not everyone can be a master of all trades. Hence the need for professionals.

Professional tree service companies have trained and experienced staff who follow safety procedures, wear protective gear, and use specialized equipment to minimize the risk of injury or property damage.


They Have Expertise

Professional tree service companies have the knowledge, skills, and experience to diagnose tree problems, recommend solutions, and provide expert care. They know how to conduct tree trimming and pruning to promote healthy growth, remove diseased or dead branches, and prevent pest infestations. Our tree experts can also help spot dangerous trees and help you learn how to spot a dangerous tree.


Professional Tree Services are Conducted Efficiently

Professional tree service companies have the equipment and tools needed to handle any tree care task quickly and efficiently. They can remove large trees, grind stumps, trim branches, and clear debris with ease, saving you time and effort.


It’s a More Cost-effective Solution

Hiring a professional tree service company can actually save you money in the long run. They have the equipment and expertise to handle tree care tasks efficiently, preventing property damage and reducing the risk of accidents. Plus, they can help you avoid costly mistakes that could harm your trees or landscape. You can learn more about the mistakes homeowners down trimming their own trees in our blog post.


Remove Your Liability

If a tree on your property falls and damages your home, car, or neighbor’s property, you could be held liable for the damages. Professional tree service companies carry liability insurance to protect you from financial loss in case of accidents or property damage.


Enhance the Look of Your Property

With years of unchecked growth, the trees on your property create an ambiance of forests. Hiring a professional tree service company means they would bring a clean look to your property by trimming and cutting down only the trees that need cutting.

They ensure that they don’t just clear the entire tree covering on your property but deal with only those that need trimming and pruning.


Get in Touch with East Coast Tree Services for Your Professional Tree Service Needs in Essex and Middlesex Counties, MA

Hiring a professional tree service company like East Coast Tree Services is the best way to ensure your trees stay healthy, safe, and beautiful. Don’t risk your safety, time, and money by trying to handle tree care tasks on your own. Call us today at 781-518-8014 and enjoy the benefits of our expert tree care.

It is a family-owned operating tree service company professionally based in Reading, Massachusetts (MA), United States. East Coast Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency service for Tree Removal and Storm Damage services. ECTS guarantees 100% satisfaction with all their services.


Tom FitzPatrick is the official owner. He and his dedicated team have top-quality equipment, professional knowledge, and experience ready at your service.
Essential Services provided by East Coast Tree Service in MA, United States, are:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Chipping
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Spraying
  • Tree Fertilizing
  • Emergency Tree Removals
  • Storm Damages
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Wood Appliances