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It might be time to buy a new mattress, but rumors might be keeping you from purchasing the right bed. Misconceptions arise from these reports, and the task of finding the right mattress may become more challenging than initially intended. You might even compare mattress buying to looking for the right insurance company. However, this shouldn’t be the case when buying a mattress online.

Here are five misconceptions about buying mattresses online to help you find an excellent bed for your home.

  1. Thicker Mattresses are Better

A thick mattress doesn’t mean it guarantees comfort. Many thin mattresses, about 6 to 8 inches, might be more comfortable to use than their thicker counterparts. Instead of focusing on the depth of the bed, consider looking at the material used in providing the overall comfort.

Thin mattresses made with dense, natural ingredients may provide more comfort levels in comparison with thicker ones with air as the primary material.

With that in mind, search for the same or similar materials used in mattresses to help give you the comfortable rest you deserve.

  1. Firm Mattresses are Always Great for Your Back

Different mattresses provide various levels of comfort. Firm mattresses may not guarantee that the product is right for your back.

As a tip, find a bed that matches your favorite sleeping positions. Also, the mattress should support other areas of your body, too. Thus, you may sleep blissfully, and wake up refreshed instead of stressed.

You may find mattresses in three firmness levels:

  • Soft

These mattresses may conform better to the shape of the body. However, it might not deliver uniform support for the entire body. Still, soft beds may be a good option for short-term usage, like for guest use.

  • Medium

Medium mattresses may deliver equal levels of conformability and support. It might also alleviate pressure from specific areas of the body. These beds may be an ideal option for many individuals.

  • Firm

Firm beds may provide little comfort for many individuals since it might not match with the shape of the body. Still, these mattresses may offer excellent support.

  1. One Size Fits All

Many mattresses require an appropriately-fitting bed frame. Thus, don’t pick any mattress at random as it might not fit your bed frame. Also, many mattress manufacturers put the maximum weight limit on the tags of their products.

So, a 250-pound person may find it challenging to be comfortable sleeping on a bed fit for a 120-pound individual. Also, large mattresses may not fit small-to-medium bed frames. It’s also critical to think about the size of the mattress for the room.

Individual bedrooms may not accommodate large beds adequately. Maximize bedroom space by picking a properly-sized bed so you don’t have to squeeze through small passageways before you can sleep.

If you’re looking for professionals to help assess you with the size of your mattress, you’ll find them at FindTheHomePros.com.

  1. A Larger Price Tag Means Better Quality

Many people believe that spending more money on a product means they’re getting a high-quality item. That may not be the case for all products on the market, especially when buying mattresses. Specific brands may charge more than others because they’re more famous. However, the bed might not provide the right comfort and support for your needs.

For example, a mattress manufacturer may use embroidery to put its logo on their bed. Now, that extra effort for the branding might exponentially increase the price.

Thus, as a tip, check other factors and features of the mattress you’re about to buy. Don’t focus on the price alone as it may lead to other misconceptions while you shop.

  1. It’s a Waste of Time to Check Reviews

Various websites offer online reviews for the different mattresses on the market. With proper maintenance, your bed is an investment that can last for years. You may also consider buying an expensive mattress because it gives you excellent value for money. Don’t throw that investment away because of a random purchase.

Take time to think about the mattress you’re about to buy. Check online reviews to see which brand makes the best mattresses on the market. Also, you might check mattress retailers to help you buy the right bed from a legit source.


 Remember to select a mattress company that can give you the right bed with the features you need. Don’t fall for the silver tongue of confident salespeople. Think about the misconceptions mentioned above so you’ll gain value for the money spent on your new bed. Last, consider shopping around the mattress market before deciding which model to buy. Aim for using a mattress that will give you comfort and support for the long-term.