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Luckily, a small bedroom should not be able to restrict you. Effective space management can be done to ensure that your bedroom remains conducive to your needs. Learn some space saving tips here.

Not all of us have been blessed with large living spaces. Some of us have to settle in small apartments or cramped (small) rooms. It can be frustrating, but there are ways to make the most of the space that you have available. There are tools, tips and techniques that people living in small spaces have learned to manage a limited area effectively.

If you are having sleeping difficulties, or just not able to enjoy your bedroom space because you feel restricted, don’t fret.  I am going to give you some basic helpful tips. Here are the 5 ways to maximize space in a small bedroom.

Regulate Bed Space

One of the reasons why some bedrooms are challenging to manage is because of the sheer size of the bed. I am not saying that large beds are bad, but if your bedroom space is limited, you may want to rethink what you sleep on.  Maybe you don’t relay need that oversized bed and mattress you’ve gotten used to.

Fortunately, there are smaller and more compact versions of beds that you can choose.  Mattress options have totally changed over the past few years, and it’s worth doing a bit of research into what is now available.  If you can downsize what you sleep on, you will be pleasantly surprised by the space you gain.

Many smaller mattresses and foams are designed for single person use only. This may or may not suit your needs, but it’s something to consider. Albeit they are small, you can still be confident that they have the essential ergonomics that can make you feel comfortable while sleeping.

For a change, you can eliminate the bed and just sleep on the ground. A thin mattress for the floor should be able to the magic.  Think outside the box when space is at a minimum.

Take Out Large Furniture

One way or another, excessive furniture will consume space in your bedroom. A lot of people say that some of this furniture can help you manage space. But in truth, that’s not really the case.

You don’t want to get large cabinets or dressers to store your clothes, garments, and other personal amenities. Instead, consider installing shelves to fully maximize the vertical space offered by the walls. You can only do so much with limited floor space. The walls are the perfect place to gain the needed storage.  If you do want to have an armoire, make sure it is small and storage friendly.

You can make your bedroom more conducive for rest if there are minimal obstructions and clutter present. Even having a day nap in your bedroom is more enjoyable when it feels “free” and unbound. Building shelves and utilizing a small piece of furniture or two to organize your personal items will help minimize the feeling of clutter.

Remove Any Electronics

It is pretty standard nowadays for people to put their computers and entertainment system inside their bedroom. While it may seem like a good idea, it is certainly not going to help your space situation, and it’s also not really good for your sleep.

Electronic devices are bulky and will always require space for their installation and placement. If you have a small bedroom, you should seriously consider keeping them out of this room. Trust us…. Even if you are used to falling asleep with your television on, you’ll adjust to it begin quiet instead, and you’ll actually find you sleep better.

If you really want a television in your bedroom, I do suggest that you purchase a flat screen that can be mounted on the wall. That’s the best way you can save space in a small room.  It will be worth the extra effort.

Install More Shelves

For me, the best way you can organize your stuff in your bedroom is by putting them into shelves. The more shelves that you have, the more storage space you can create. Yes, I mentioned this above, but I’m repeating it here because really, shelves are going to be essential in a small space.

Specifically, floating shelves are one of the innovations of interior design. Even without having cabinets or dressers, these shelves can provide the space that you need for storing all your essentials.

You can incorporate baskets or other organizers on the shelves to be sure things stay neat and tidy.  Shelving can be a life saver!

Clean Regularly

Cleaning is a necessary process to eliminate visual clutter effectively. Sure, it seems obvious, but the more cluttered your bedroom, the more space is being wasted.

Start the cleaning process by eliminating all the dust and freshening up the bed (or sleeping area) with fresh linens.  Next, all the unnecessary items in your bedroom should be expelled.  If you don’t need it in your bedroom, find another place for it.  And if you don’t use it, donate it or throw it away.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you have downsized what you save. Once done, you can already start organizing your clothes, office tools, or any essential amenities present there.

Try to improve the lighting of your bedroom as well. This can help make a small room feel bigger and give the space needed ambiance. Changing the paint on your walls and ceiling into lighter tones can also provide your bedroom with a better sense of space.

This video shows how to clean your bedroom effectively. Better watch it!


Bottom Line

These are some of the most effective methods in managing the space of a small bedroom. Incorporating these tips can ensure that your sleeping area will never feel like it is cramping your style. You will be delighted by the fact that despite having limited space, your bedroom still feels open and voluminous.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.