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So, you finally gave in to the temptation and decided to go for that major house renovation you’ve been planning. Exciting times are surely ahead but don’t forget that there’ll also be stressful times involved. Since a major home remodeling isn’t something you tackle on a monthly or even yearly basis, there’ll be a lot of pressure as you go about it.

You’ll need tremendous amounts of patience, attention to detail, foresight, preparation, and, not to mention, money to accomplish the task. If you want to ensure that your major renovation pushes through without costing your sanity and a big fraction of your savings, you’ll need to meticulously prepare your house (and yourself) for this extensive project.

Here’s how:

Preparing For The Demolition

Since you’re preparing for major remodeling, there’ll probably be a demolition to take down the old structure of your house. Make sure to ask your project manager or contractor if they’ll also be the one to demolish everything. If not, you’ll need to contact a demolition services company that’ll do the job for you.

Don’t just pick any demolition contractor. You need one that’ll provide an efficient clean-up service after tearing the place down. The clean-up will ensure that you won’t have to do full-scale clearing to make way for the renovation.


Auditing All Your Home Items

With a major renovation coming up, a lot of people and workers will be coming in and out of your property during the project. You’ll need to audit your belongings and make sure that the list includes all the home items that you have.

An audit is highly recommended before and after the demolition of the old structure. It’s also a helpful list to keep when you’ll need to deal with your property insurance company.

At this point, you might want to start decluttering and organizing your home items. You can take this chance to tidy things up and let go of things that you no longer need or want to keep after the renovation.


Figuring Out A Storage Solution

After auditing and organizing all your belongings, you’ll need to identify what kind of storage solution you’ll be implementing for your items. If the renovation involves the entire property, no room or area will be spared from the mess. Hence, you’d have to figure out where to store all your home items, including your furniture, appliances, and even personal effects such as clothes.

Large and seasonal items may need to be stored separately. You can consider renting a self-storage unit that’s near your area so you can conveniently access it whenever you need to. Not only can this solution help you store your belongings, but you’re also securing them from potential theft and possible damages.


Updating Your Home Security System

If you’re renovating a major part of your house but not the whole property, it means you’ll still be able to stay there while the construction is going on. With so many workers and contractors accessing the property, you’ll need to still feel at ease when it comes to security.

Updating your home security system will give you a significant amount of relief and security, especially if you have children and other family members staying with you.

Here are some extra precautions that you can take:

  • Installing an in-home safe where you can store all legal and important documents.
  • Using doorbells that have cameras so you can still monitor movements around the property.
  • Installing smart locks that you can easily reprogram as soon as the project is finished. This means you can change the locks and codes right away. This is important especially if you’ve given limited access to your contractors and their workers.

You can also place several security cameras on your property before the start of the project. Not only will the recorded footages be helpful if you want to review something, but the cameras will also give the workers the impression that you’re serious about protecting your privacy and security.


Preparing Yourself

After thinking of demolition, storage, and a home security system, don’t forget that you also need to prepare yourself for the stressful and quite costly project coming up. Arm yourself with a good amount of patience and positive thinking because you’ll be needing a lot of those. There will be days when you’d feel overwhelmed, worn out, and even easily frustrated because of different things that concern your project. It’s normal and it’s understandable.

Mentally prepare yourself and learn to adapt to some temporary changes that’ll occur. A major renovation isn’t only messy, but it’ll also be dusty, loud, and crowded. Plan your schedules and allot time to manage the project closely if you want to ensure that everything will go according to plan.



As with any other construction project, a major house renovation involves a serious amount of planning and preparation. It’s important that you take on these preparations thoroughly and effectively to ensure that the project will be completed without any problem or delay.

The mess will only be temporary–focus more on the permanent effects that it’ll give once the renovation is done. You’ll have a more beautiful home and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work even better.