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A home improvement project can be extremely stressful, as it will require a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of work, and a lot of planning. From not knowing how to begin the project to making last-minute changes to the schedule, to going over your budget, the entire experience of remodelling your home can be taxing, both physically and mentally.


What many fail to realize is that renovating your home will also likely require moving a lot of your belongings. Just imagine how much of a hassle it would be for you to complete your renovations when there are pieces of furniture and personal items in your way. You’ll be constantly shuffling and reshuffling your furniture, stuff, and even your wall hangings.


Aside from making your workspace cramped and uncomfortable, it is could also be dangerous for your items to be inside your house when you renovate. Construction projects can expose your items to costly and damaging accidents such as splashing paint, getting bumped into, or having items fall on them. It can even result in you having to replace your furniture, which could be quite costly.


To ensure that this does not happen to you during your home improvement project, you can easily rent a self-storage unit. This way, you can store all of your items in a remote place while you finish what you have to do. By keeping your personal belongings, appliances and furniture in a storage unit for the duration of your home remodel, you can keep them safe and out of harm’s way. You also get a clear canvas making it easier for you to visualize what you want to do.


How Exactly Is Self Storage Beneficial To Your Home Improvement Project?


Using a self-storage unit while you finish your home improvement project does not only protect your stuff, but it also gives you some peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits that you can get when using a storage unit while renovating your home:


1.    No Dust or Debris!


Dust and debris are always a byproduct of home renovations or construction projects. Leaving your furniture and appliances exposed to such may lead them to malfunction, or worse, to experience irreparable damages. At the same time, it is also a pain to clean up after when it’s on every nook and cranny of your furniture. Think about the time and the cost of upholstery cleaning your furniture and window treatments!

While throwing a sheet over your stuff will usually do the trick, this does not protect your things from wood, cement, or metal debris that may fall on your stuff.


2.    No Breakages or Other Damages!


Additionally, as mentioned above, a home renovation can result in the constant shuffling and moving of your appliances and furniture. If you or your contractor’s team is not careful, you could break or leave scratches and scuff marks on your stuff. Moreover, if not properly secured, your stuff may end up getting paint splattered all over it. It can even result in costly repairs.


3.    Possible Theft Can Be Avoided!


If you’re working with a contractor, then there will be many people coming in and out of your home. And while most contractors and their teams are usually safe and trustworthy, you just can never tell when a thief may strike.


So, instead of spending your time worrying about what items you could or could not lose by keeping them around the house, keep your jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items in a secure storage unit. It is, after all, better to be safe than sorry!


4.    You Won’t Have To Worry About Your Furniture Being Used As Work Surfaces!


Got a coffee table made out of precious wood or a dining table you’ve been holding on to for years that just can’t be used as makeshift scaffolding or some kind of stand or holder for construction tools? Get it out of the way and save yourself the frustration before something undesirable happens to it.


5.    Your Work Space Will Be Kept Clean And Organized!


Whether you’re doing a DIY home improvement project or hiring a professional remodeler, the fact remains that moving your stuff from one room to another will eventually cause your home to become cluttered and crowded. This, in turn, will pose as a hindrance to the smooth flow of your home improvement project, as scattered pieces of furniture can hamper the workflow of your renovation project. Getting around will be much more difficult, and accidents are more likely to happen.


6.    You’ll Be Able To Prioritize Storing Your Construction Materials!

By moving your belongings into storage, you will be able to free up your home for the storage of the materials and the equipment for your project. Not having to run out to the garage frequently for materials and tools will save time.


7.    You’ll Have Constant Peace Of Mind!


The truth is, there are always other options for you to consider. You can keep your stuff in your yard, an acquaintance’s shed, or a family member’s garage.

However, by keeping your stuff in a storage facility, you will know that your stuff will be kept safe and secure, no matter how long it stays there. You wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet, damaged, stolen, thrown out or even exposed from the elements for too long!


How Would I Know If I Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?


It all boils down to what you plan on putting in your storage unit and how long you plan on keeping them there. If you are planning on storing temperature-sensitive items like artwork, paintings, photographs, books and electronic appliances and gadgets, then you may want to consider a climate-controlled space.


Additionally, if your home improvement project is scheduled to last for more than a couple of months, then you may have to spring for a climate-controlled storage unit for all your stuff. This will ensure that nothing deteriorates or gets damaged due to dust or extreme temperature shifts. Discolouration may also happen when items are stuck inside a storage unit with no climate control.


Final Thoughts


You don’t have to sacrifice your peace of mind, the space in your home, or your belongings for your renovation project. All you have to do is keep your belongings safe and secure in the storage facility nearest you.