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Looking to do home repairs and DIY tasks? We’ve put together an ultimate collection of 4 essential tools for handy homemakers.

If you’re a DIY hobbyist, one way to save money is to have all tools within reach. But, it’s impossible to pick any tool available at the store. You may choose to spend less by selecting the right tools that you’ll often need for repetitive tasks. Below are 4 essential tools for handy homemakers.

Staple Gun

Wood staple guns are portable tools with a pistol-like design. They release staples for assembling and binding wood pieces together. They are suitable for low to medium projects like fixing cabinets and DIY on furniture. They vary in terms of power and heft.  A powerful staple gun is ideal for larger projects such as installing a wooden floor or fencing.

As the name suggests, a staple gun does the job with finesse. It drives staples with precision and consistency. Although it’s suitable for wood projects, it’s a versatile device. It works effectively in different kinds of mediums.

Staple guns are time savers. The best tool will enable you to complete several projects within a short period. Unlike manual staple guns, electric options are a favorite for DIY tasks. These are capable of working on heavy-duty projects for long without exhaustion.


When you’re doing a DIY task, you’ll likely want to hold onto an object to either pull or turn. This requires a lot of force, which may cause bruises if you use bare fingers to pull. Pliers are handy DIY tools for gripping objects. They feature a jaw, teeth, a pivot joint, and long handles that make it possible to pull, twist or bend.

Their versatility makes them a must-have device at home. In the absence of a wrench, you can use them to loosen or fasten nuts and bolts. They’re also useful for a combination of different tasks. These include pulling nails, cutting wires, fixing plumbing works, and joining wires.

Finally, some projects need a lot of force, and adjustable pliers are excellent choices. For instance, to unlock rusty bolts or bare screws.

Torque Wrench

Some things are bonded together by the use of nuts and bolts rather than nails and screws. A torque wrench is an indispensable DIY tool for tightening and loosening bolts. An adjustable wrench is the best since it can work on different nuts sizes.

A wrench can do simple repairs at home that doesn’t require calling in a plumber. You can also use it to repair a kid’s bicycle or work on decks.

A home mechanic may opt for the mechanical or electric wrench depending on the tasks at hand. A high-quality wrench is a worthy investment, convenient, and efficient.


A handsaw is an essential woodworking tool with a toothed blade for cutting. It also has an attachment handle where you’ll grasp.

A handsaw is ideal for general and quick DIY projects around the house. However, their long blade makes them unsuitable for delicate tasks like cutting tight corners.

Handsaws vary in length of the blade and teeth. They cut by either a push or pull stroke.

Traditional handsaws could cut either along or across a wood grain. Modern varieties are universal and can perform both functions. These are general-purpose and cut softwood, hardwood, plastic, and soft metal.


Hardware stores are overflowing with a lot of DIY tools. It can be tricky trying to pick the right tool for your projects. With the right guidance, you can choose tools that will need frequent use. Hopefully, the 4 essential tools for handy homemakers will make your selection hassle-free.