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Cleaning and living in a clean environment is something very important. It is in human nature to seek these conditions, and for good reasons. Dirty houses full of pests, large ones, and those on the microscopic levels are very unpleasant. Not only that, those living conditions lead to different diseases that can not only harm you but the people around you.

This has been proven throughout history many times. The black plague is a great example of where a household pest, a rat that carries fleas, has caused the spread of Europe’s worst pandemic. Luckily for us, living in modern times, it is now easier than ever to get rid of unwanted guests in our houses. With these tips, you will deal with them in no time and in a healthy manner.


Bed bugs

Bed bugs are pretty self-explanatory from their name. They are bugs that infest your bed and live on and in it. Their size varies from about 3 to 9 mm and their color from brownish to red. They feed by sucking human blood, and their bites can be pretty itchy. As disgusting as they are, fortunately, they do not transmit any diseases. That still does not make them any less of a nuisance.


They are pretty common in many households, and there is a big chance that you do not even know that they are there. By knowing this, you are probably asking yourself ‘’how to get rid of bed bugs fast and permanently’’ as you are afraid of getting into bed again. This can be done pretty easily, but it is not done by any home remedies. These bugs are pretty good at hiding and being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Only professionals know where to look for them and how to handle the chemicals that are most effective at exterminating these pests.


House centipedes

Centipedes, their name literally means a hundred legs, they look like something that should not exist. Why does an animal need to have so many legs? Even though their name says a hundred, the number varies greatly. The household centipede is not that big, its size can range from 1 to 15 cm. On their heads, they have large antennas which serve as their way of sensing the surroundings.


It is not that hard to get rid of these hellish creatures. House centipedes are attracted to moisture and dark places. If you have some water leaks around the place where you have spotted the centipede, try to fix the leak. It should greatly reduce their presence. You can find them easily in cluttered areas where they like to hide and vacuum them from these spots. Regulating humidity levels is very important, not just because of the centipedes, but also to prevent mold from growing.


House dust mites

Mites are most notorious as a serious cause of allergy. One of the reasons why dusty places are dangerous is not only the dust but because it might be infested with mites. Mites are especially dangerous to those who suffer from asthma or other lung problems. These little critters can not be seen with a naked human eye, and they feed on the human skin flakes found in dust.


These mites’ favorite living spots are usually carpets and furniture. These places offer them not only a lot of surface area where they can live, but they are also the most common place where skin flakes can be found. There are many anti-mites sprays you can find that will kill them, but it is not the end there. Dead mites can also cause an allergic response, so you will have to thoroughly vacuum the place after the treatment. And continue vacuuming frequently and also clean your laundry more regularly.



Mice are usually mixed up with rats, as they look pretty close. The easiest way to differentiate mice from rats is by their size. Mice are pretty small, which makes them quite a pest to be around. If the mouse is not intended to be a pet, it is pretty possible that it can carry some kind of disease. They are pretty dirty and go everywhere, which is mostly the reason why you would want to get rid of them.


The easiest way to do so is just by getting a cat. Cats are natural predators for mice, and they can track them down really easily. If you get a cat, do not use other methods of extermination. If you try to leave some mice poison around the house, the mice can eat it, and then your cat could eat a poisoned mouse. You can see that this could end up pretty badly. The same goes for mousetraps, they can be pretty dangerous, especially if you have kids around.



Flies are pretty annoying little flying creatures, to say the least. They can also spread diseases around, and you do not want them flying around your food. There are many anti-fly sprays that can immediately get rid of them. If the flies keep coming, you can try putting a net on your windows to stop them from entering. That will not only stop the flies from coming but also many other pests such as mosquitoes. If the flies are still around, you would want to check in which condition the site where you dispose of trash is like. It can be infested with flies, so be sure to spray it pretty well every once in a while to stop them from reemerging.


Household pests are a pretty big living nuisance which troubles a big majority of the population. It has been like this for a long time, as these pests are made to endure all of it and live on. Modern-day understanding of these pests, and a way to treat them, has led to many successful techniques in dealing with these unwanted guests. Some of these pests are harder to get rid of, such as bed bugs, as they usually require the assistance of professionals.


House centipedes are attracted to places with lots of moisture, reducing the moisture will reduce the centipedes. Dust mites can be a thing of the past with common cleaning and vacuuming the floor, carpets, and furniture. Mice are easily caught by cats, and they will prey on them until every last one is caught. Flies are attracted to trash and leftovers, so the best way of dealing with them is by preventing them from coming in the first place with some nets on your windows.