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Mold is a fungal species that has many types. They are microbes that can cause damage to natural materials, typically food. Unfortunately, there are many common types of mold that can be found in our homes. It lives and grows in dark environments that are damp and with temperatures ranging from sixty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. As long as the living conditions are appropriate, they can thrive both indoors and outdoors. They can enter your house through vents, doorways, windows, and ACs. However, some building materials are inviting to them and can become a perfect place for them to grow. Spotting mold where you live is something that should not be ignored or taken lightly. Read on to learn how dangerous is mold and why it is important to remove it quickly.

Can Cause Breathing Problems

Mold produces irritants, mycotoxins, and allergens as it grows, allowing unstable organic compounds, cells, fragments, and spores to get into the air around us. This can cause breathing problems to people, especially ones who are sensitive to some of these particles that enter the house. Another reason that makes mold dangerous when found in living or working spaces is that materials break down in damp areas, which in turn increases the particles and dust volume in the surrounding air, irritating the throat, lungs, and nose. People who suffer from chronic lung conditions or have asthma can get much more irritated than others who don’t.


Triggers Allergies

Mold allergies negatively affect the upper respiratory tract. People who are allergic or sensitive to particles related to it may experience some common symptoms that include sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose, itchy nose or throat, and watery eyes. If you are allergic to molds, you need to check when it is highly present where you live.

Commercial spaces are no exception. As mentioned earlier, these organisms can thrive both indoors and outdoors as long as the living conditions are appropriate. If you live or work in Texas and notice mold damage in your space, contacting a damage restoration service in Austin that specializes in commercial properties is advisable to help, you bring back the glory of the property. It’s important to fix the damages right away as leaving them thriving in the space where you spend most of your time can trigger your or even other people’s allergies. This way, you can take all the needed precautions to protect yourself against having asthma attacks.



This type of mold causes aspergillosis, which is a serious health issue. Usually, the spores of this type of fungus are breathed in without causing any health problems, but if someone has lung disease or a weak immune system, breathing these spores in can make them sick and experience severe reactions to them. There are different types of aspergillosis, and each has different symptoms. Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis can cause coughing, weight, loss, and breathing problems, while allergic aspergillus sinusitis may cause headaches. On the other hand, ABPA may cause breathing problems as it affects the lungs. Finally, Fungus ball (Aspergilloma) results in breathing problems and coughing that is accompanied by blood.


Produces Bacteria And Microbes

Getting exposed to bacteria produced by mold can trigger an inflammatory response. However, many people are not affected by it. Moreover, mold and its microbial agents can increase the chances of getting fungal and bronchial infections. Other symptoms were surprisingly experienced by some people who were exposed to it, like insomnia, nausea, wheezing, sick-building syndrome, and headaches. Although if you have strong respiratory health and immune system, you shouldn’t worry much about being exposed to it. Additionally, the amount of mold present where you live is a major factor that determines if a person may get sick or not.


Damages Buildings

Molds grow into porous materials and result in discoloration and weakening the areas where it is present. Many people think that they can simply paint the damaged area to fix the issue, but they are very mistaken, as molds need proper treatment or even replacing some of these materials. If ignored even for a short period of time, it will lead to progressive deterioration.


Mold can cause serious health problems and property damage. Therefore, you shouldn’t be exposed to it for long periods and get rid of it as soon as you find them in your house or office. It is always better to prevent a problem than to fix it, and there are many things that can be done to keep mold away from your home, like fixing leaks on the spot, controlling humidity levels and ventilating rooms in your house, and cleaning properly using the right disinfectants. The world is still suffering from the outbreak of Covid-19, and the last thing you need is to irritate your respiratory system! So at the time being, we need to take molds even more seriously! If we are learning anything from this pandemic, it is the fact that health is our greatest asset and should not be compromised.