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Without character, furnishings and direction added to it, a house really is just that – a house. Through the objects collected through life, the layout of furniture and other designs, four walls can be turned into a home, with most centering around one room that acts as the greeting and focal point for the family. Whether living in a futuristic urban skinny home or a grand mansion, there’s one space that can always benefit from being the focus of the home.

Of course, this could be any room of the house. The garden can be a relaxation nirvana, or it could be your main greeting point in a warmer climate. There are ways to turn any area of the home into the perfect space.

Water Features

While water may feel like it belongs out of the home or in extravagant mansions, water features inside the average home are actually very accessible to the everyday person. Energizing indoor fountains and sculptures can be used to provide a very obvious focal point in the home around which the family life can be oriented. Water features are becoming more popular with every year and the result is a competitive market. Whether small or tall, they can be used as everyday features or art installations to flesh out your home design.


Furniture can also make a statement within the home. Take, for example, the late Rochester woodworker Wendell Castle, who turned furniture into statement pieces. Furniture should, of course, be comfortable and safe, but this can be achieved while also taking statement pieces that people will actively want to sit on and be involved with. Furniture could be your way of making a statement in the home, especially as you don’t want to hide away your most intriguing pickups.


More futuristic and less arty – though many devices have an art aspect – are smart home boxes. Products like Amazon Echo and Google Home have proliferated over the past two years and with increasing interconnected home devices you can sculpt one space to be the ultimate automated experience. Whilst not immediately as stunning as a centerpiece focal point, the machine learning and flexibility of these smart boxes.

Creating a home is about designating spaces and allowing rooms to flow naturally to a natural conclusion. By introducing strong focal points into your house, you can make this happen by directing traffic and activity to specific areas of the house.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash