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It’s winter in Rochester, New York, and all of us need a little reprieve. Even if we can’t physically go somewhere warm, we can go there in our minds! So, whether you live somewhere that is warm this time of year,  or not – let’s think spring gardens! 

Being out in nature is a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body. According to research, nature offers mental benefits such as improved memory, restored mental energy, and stress relief. Being outside can also make you feel better as it reduces inflammation and has possible anti-cancer effects. However, you don’t have to go hiking in the woods to enjoy the health benefits of nature—simply being out in your backyard or garden can improve your well-being if your outdoor space is conducive to relaxation. To improve your space and give it a serene vibe, follow these tips to design a relaxing garden.

Create sitting areas throughout the garden

You don’t have to limit your sitting area to your patio or deck. Create several sitting areas throughout your garden so you can spend time in different parts of your outdoor space with family or by yourself. Place an outdoor stone or wooden bench under a tree and have a few sturdy chairs beside greenery. Don’t go for steel or glass chairs as you want to keep the look as organic and natural as can be.

Add a water element

Adding a water element can create a peaceful ambiance in your garden. You can have an outdoor water fountain, a small koi pond, or even a tabletop water garden to give your garden a fresh feel. You can also place a bench near these areas so you can enjoy the sound of running water at your leisure.

Plant flowers and herbs with pleasant scents

Using all your senses as you spend time in your garden can help you relax, and that includes your sense of smell. Plant roses, honeysuckle, and jasmine, which give off pleasant and slightly perfumey scents. You can also grow an aromatic herb garden so you can enjoy the smell of licorice, basil, mint, and lavender while walking or sitting in your garden.

Choose plants with soothing shades

It’s a known fact that seeing certain colors can affect our mood. For instance, a fiery red shade can increase your heart rate and increase stress levels, while shades of pale blue and green can lower blood pressure and makes you feel more tranquil. When choosing plants, stick to a soothing color palette such as white (white hyacinth), soft pinks (hydrangea or carnation), and blue (cornflower, grape hyacinth, or blue crocus).

Designing your outdoor space to make it more serene can benefit your health and well-being. Follow these tips to create a relaxing garden that you’ll enjoy over the years.

 Photo courtesy of SuttipongSurak, Unsplash