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Wireless devices have changed the way we interact with many aspects of our homes, and window treatments are no exception. Once considered a luxury, motorization is currently the largest growing trend in window coverings, and the ability to automate blinds, shades and shutters through your favorite device is making this feature a “must have” in many homes.

“When I started my business 15 years ago, I rarely got calls for motorization.  We reserved that technology for windows that were difficult to access manually, like behind a hot tub or large foyer windows.  Now, we are installing motorized shades every week in both of our residential and commercial markets.” – Paul Wood, Budget Blinds Finger Lakes.

Motorized shades can provide you with home security, child-safety and energy savings all at the touch of a button; but as with any new technology, selecting the right motorized product for you can be confusing. Let’s break down some of the newest options to clarify which solution may be best for your home.

 Power Wand

This entry level motorization features a wand that is attached to the shade. The wand has buttons to control the movement of the shades and typically operates on a rechargeable battery. This solution is great when you can only partially access the window, making traditional lift options awkward to operate. Each window has its own individual wand, and there is no ability to tie this product to other devises, remotes or smart home systems.

 Remote Motorization

Remote control motorization allows you to control your window treatments at the push of a button. “The reasons my clients purchase motorized shades are beyond just wanting the newest gadget. They may have accessibility issues due to a disability, for example, that makes traditional lift cords difficult to use. Motorization solves those challenges for them.” -Jessi Chichelli, Budget Blinds Northwest Rochester. Multi-channel remotes allow you to program shades to operate individually, or in groups and can be powered by direct wire, battery packs, rechargeable batteries, and solar. Your accessibility to the window and window size is critical to determining what type of power source will work best for you.

 Automation & Smart Home Technology

“Alexa, close my shades!” Many motorized window treatments can be automated and controlled by your phone, Google Home or Alexa. You can set your shades to go up at sunrise, operate at certain times of day, or function on voice command, without even pushing a button. Before purchasing this technology, it is important to understand which devices and systems you want to use in your home to ensure your window treatments are compatible. Your blinds just got a whole lot smarter with automation!

As with any new and quickly changing technology, this is an area where it may be best to consult an expert for advice. Your local Budget Blinds team can help you select the best motorized solution for your home. “Because we are local, small business owners, we care about you and our community.  We make the process simple and enjoyable to provide the best window covering solutions that match your personal style and budget.  We come to your home to measure, select product, install, and always be your customer service representative.” – Julie Byassee, Budget Blinds Southwest Rochester.

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