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Have you ever had a roofing job done before?


If you have, then you know that it’s not a simple project that the average person can take on.  A roofing project can take many hours and require a high level of proficiency to be completed properly.  As homes have only been built larger over time, the cost of a roofing installation is now approaching $10,000 or more in many cases.  It is not inexpensive and it is a major capital improvement that will add value and curb appeal to your home. For these reasons, it is always prudent to consider having an extended warranty in place to protect you from unsuspecting problems in the future.


The last thing you might want to have to do is shell out thousands of dollars on a roof repair or damage caused that could be easily covered under a warranty.   Insurance is all about providing you with peace of mind so if you need it, it is always there to protect you and your home.


Sure, we may be a little biased but do feel that it is a good investment given the overall larger investment made.  Learn more below.


Roofing materials may not always come with a warranty 


You should always looking to have roofing materials installed that have extended warranty options.  Most roofing materials do come with a minimum 5 years of a manufacturer warranty. With an asphalt roof average lifespan being 20 years or greater, 5 years is simply not long enough to protect you.  You could always invest in higher quality 40 year shingles but that comes at a price. If you need to be cost conscious, going with middle-of-the-road shingles with a warranty does make for a sound business decision.  It is always good to have a warranty that doubles the average life of your roof, just to be safe.


How can a roof warranty benefit me? 


A roofing materials warranty doesn’t mean that it will cover everything. It will cover most obvious things but if the materials are damaged when installed or simply not installed properly, it will be null and void.  The idea is to have an extended warranty in place from the roofing company that installed is so any defects or issues with your roof are fully covered. Again, bring you and your family peace of mind when disaster strikes.


You should always look for long-term extended warranty. A standard warranty period is 20-25 years. But a 40-60 year warranty would be an excellent choice, far exceeding the amount of time you own your home and helping to maintain your home’s value, especially as the roof ages.


Finally, there is always a chance that the roof installation team fails to install the roof properly, or cuts corners to save time and leaving an important component not installed.  The last thing you want is to have a problem two years down the road and be forced to pay for their negligence. It is always best to do your homework and hire a reputable roofing company but mistakes are always possible.  Simply put, an extended warranty will always bring you peace of mind for the long run.


Hire a roofing company you can rely on! 


If your roof is installed properly, then you may never require an extended roofing warranty. So be sure to do your very best, do your due diligence and hire a roofing company that is well-known, professional and, above all else, honest!