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Living and Playing In Rochester, New York

We talk a lot about your home in and around the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region, but we seldom dive in to why you should make your home in the Rochester area! And we love Rochester, New York! We believe there is no better place to live, to play, and to raise a family.

For those of you that aren’t from around here, let me define the “Rochester area” for you. Here at the RHBA, we cover six counties. That area includes cities and towns, tall buildings and small communities, sprawling farm lands to hills and valleys, and Great Lakes to Finger Lakes. We have it all! And you can see all of these things by driving about 20 minutes in any direction. Beat that!

Okay, so our weather leaves a little to be desired from time to time, but today I’m looking out my window at beautiful blue skies, a light breeze making the leaves move on the trees, and the temperature is about 78 degrees. Perfect! (And you snow haters should really try some winter sports. We have some of the best cross country and downhill skiing in Upstate NY right in our backyard. Or just grab a sled and go have some fun!)

We Rochesterians know how to make the most of every season! And since it’s summer get out there and enjoy it! (There may be a few days to the official summer start, but believe me, June IS summer in Rochester!) See what’s outside your little part of the world. Visit the town next door, the village over the hill or the city across the valley. See what they have going on this summer! There are plenty of websites offering calendars of events. Google your favorite activity or just search for ‘things to do’. Then get out there and have fun!