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Do you need an emergency plumber? If you do, you likely know firsthand why these services are so critical to the economy. Without one of these emergency, on-call service providers, you are likely to experience significant damage to your property and your wallet. In fact, these plumbers play a major role across every lifestyle and industry. They are particularly vital to entities where water and piping play a significant role in operations. But why, exactly, are emergency plumbing services so important?


What You Need from an Emergency Plumber

The ideal emergency plumbing service is one that can get to you immediately. You also need one able to do a thorough job, fixing the problem and mitigating further disaster. Of course, you also want one that provides great customer care and a competitive, affordable rate.


Reasons Why Emergency Plumbing Services Are So Vital

Emergency plumbing services are critical for three major reasons. Those include:

Emergency plumbing problems cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money.

Anyone who has experienced a burst pipe or overflowing toilet knows the damage a flood can cause inside your home. Flowing water can ruin everything it touches, such as your carpeting, hardwood flooring, ceilings, furnishings, personal belongings, electrical equipment and even the physical structure of your property. None of this damage comes at a low cost.


Property insurance can sometimes reduce the out-of-pocket costs of plumbing emergency damage. But you likely still have to pay more than most people can afford. This is particularly true if you ignore important exclusions in your policy, such as a poorly-serviced hot water heater or the number of claims you can file in a calendar year.


Even with full insurance coverage, if you are that lucky, this coverage will not account nor compensate for your time spent cleaning up the mess of a plumbing disaster. This is especially the case when you lose sentimental personal effects to water or other damage.


Plumbing emergencies are a hassle.

Sometimes plumbing problems occur that do not constitute an emergency but do create a hassle. A good example is a broken shower head on a combined tub-shower. In this case, you experience the headache of not being able to take a quick shower, but instead having to take a bath. But you can get by.


But when you have a legitimate emergency with your plumbing, such as a broken hot water heater, you face a lot of personal stress. Not being able to take a warm bath, do laundry or shower is more than just a small problem. You need an emergency plumber who understands that time is of the essence and that your psyche can only take so many icy showers.


Sometimes plumbing problems affect household heating, too. If your boiler breaks down in a cold time of year, your situation is dire. You can experience discomfort to a potentially dangerous outcome.


Another urgent plumbing issue is a non-working toilet. If you only have one bathroom, this is an unbearable problem. The same is true if you cannot get your waste disposal unit in the sink to work, the dishwasher to clean your dishes or a washing machine to clean your clothes. A broken pipe is a significant emergency that can actually ruin everything you own, even the house you live in.


Plumbing emergencies can harm your health.

Inconvenience, water damage and expense are not the only issues caused by a plumbing emergency. In fact, these problems can seriously affect your health. Of particular note are the dangers associated with a sewer or toilet back-up. These are problems that drain cleaner cannot solve. In fact, drain cleaner can make such a situation worse.


If water flows throughout your home or other building, you can also face a serious health risk through black mould (mold). This mould commonly grows after floods, moisture, leaks or other water damage. Even a little drip can lead to deadly black mould problems. Then you must pay for mould mitigation services that cost a great deal of money. Problems like this are why you should never put off calling your emergency plumbing company.