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If you are looking for a place that will temporarily serve as your home office until the world reverts to normal, whenever that might be, consider a log cabin as your perfect solution.

Even if your job is such that you usually work from home, a log cabin might be the proper solution for you, as it offers a unique work-life balance and many other benefits that will be the subject of this article. In the end, you will see why a log cabin is the ideal home office for you.


Peace and quiet

Let’s start with the essential advantage that setting up a home office in a log cabin can bring you: peace and quiet.

A workplace needs to be just right; it should provide the perfect privacy level and be somewhere available to you as the home worker. Working in a study or spare room causes no end of distractions from the TV, radio, and even family members and pets.

Log cabins provide plenty of space in a secluded area of your home, which is less likely to have distractions getting in the way of work.

Creating a garden office helps set the boundaries between home and work. You avoid the distractions of daytime telly, parcel deliveries, and children eager to ‘help’ mummy or daddy with their paperwork.

You can still make your garden office an environment you are comfortable in, with the main difference being that it is your private domain where you determine if there will be any music playing… Or if you will work in your pajamas or not.


A nice place for clients

No matter if you plan to work alone or as a small team most of the time, the log cabin office space still has to be a bright and welcoming environment. A log cabin can accommodate chairs and facilities for clients and colleagues while offering a lovely view across the garden from your desk. If you opt for a smaller log cabin, there are plenty of desks available that offer drawers and shelving to maximize storage while still leaving room for your computer, paperwork, and phone.

When you have current or potential clients coming over, it is crucial to leave a good impression, and nothing can leave as good of an impression as a well organized and maintained home office in a log cabin.



It is highly convenient to choose a home office log cabin for your garden. The reasons are quite simple. You can be at your office in a few minutes, with no long drive to an office, no sitting on public transport, and the opportunity to go back home quickly in the event you realize you’ve forgotten to bring something with you.

Secondly, when it comes to design, you do not have to be limited to the already available solutions – instead, you can have a custom cabin made, one that suits your needs and makes the most out of the space and funds you have at your disposal.

Lastly, plumbing and electricity can be connected to your home office log cabin directly from your home. This means you can quickly get your computer and all the devices you need online. Every modern convenience you can imagine can be installed in a log cabin. The result is your own private office where you can work as you choose.


Available all year long

A log cabin home office can be open for business all year round. Because log cabins are well insulated, they are naturally inclined to be warm during the winters and cool in the summer.

All you have to do is invest in a climate control unit.

Once installed, the temperature can be controlled using a thermostat. Log cabins can also be insulated using insulation boards, which keep the room warm all year round with no maintenance needed.


Mental health benefits

Compared to claustrophobic cubicles and cramped offices, a log cabin can offer a more peaceful work environment. The feel timber cabins provide is much better for your mental and physical health. Besides, an office like this will allow you to make the most out of natural light—something you can’t achieve easily if you work in a cubicle.

Working in a well-lit log cabin office during winter is a great way to combat seasonal affective disorder, also known as the winter blues, as light can help you stay focused and motivated. This is merely a suggestion, as if you would instead create an atmosphere of rest and solitude, you can use a warmer ambiance of softer lighting.


It saves time and money, and you can do it yourself

A small cabin that would be ideal as a home office is easy to construct. You can even build one using a DIY log cabin kit. In terms of time and money, a log cabin is a much better solution for a home office than a brick and mortar construction. Log cabins are simple, clean, and low-impact buildings.