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The roof on your home is one of the most important structural component for many reasons. Roofs help to protect the entire building from moisture, rain or snowfall. Additionally, the roof can either keep the structure cool during hot weather and warm when the temperatures are colder. That said, some roofing materials are better than others for their protective and insulation properties. A home’s roof also protects the frame of the house, and along with a well crafted and secure roof, the homeowner should ensure that rain gutters and drainage pipes are clear of debris, still in good condition and adequately drain off the water as is should.

Which Roofing Material is Better – Metal or Shingles?

The debate over which roofing material is better is still a hot conversation among professional builders. Each has its own benefits and possible drawbacks. It is important for homeowners to understand how each material works before deciding on the best one for their home and lifestyle.

Shingles roofs are typically less expensive overall, but they do have some drawbacks as well. This type of roofing material does require a good bit of regular maintenance to keep it in good shape for the lifetime of the home. What this means is that the homeowner will likely have to perform many roof repairs and typically the home will require a whole new job at some point in the future.

Another drawback of shingles are that they are more prone to become damaged in the event of a nearby storm that includes excessive temperature extremes, heavy rain, high wind gusts or snow and ice. If the home is located in an area that sees these types of bigger storms often, the homeowner might want to consider replacing their roof shingles with a sturdier and easier to maintain metal roof.

 Some Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs today are becoming very popular with builders, contractors and homeowners all across the country. There are some remarkable benefits of installing a metal roof that homeowners should read before installing their traditional shingles.

 Metal roofs do a better job of protecting the home. It is durable and holds up to adverse weather conditions, poor air quality, intense heat and other environmental factors. Typically, when a homeowner decides to replace their older shingled roof with a metal one, they can expect to have the roof last for a lifetime barring special circumstances.

 Other Terrific Advantages of Metal Roof Material Selection

There are more advantages to installing a metal roof. These include the wide selection of different design styles and color choices. These roofing materials can be found with patterned and textured surfaces that can look like shingles or other material. Homeowners can pick coordinating trims and accessories to create a one-of-a-kind look that others will envy.

Metal roofs can be made with extra insulating properties, and most will also deflect the damaging rays of harsh sunlight too. Newer metal roof models are energy-efficient, and customers can even find solar paneled options as well. While initial installation of a new metal roof is usually larger than a simple shingle roof job, customers need to factor in those years of regular maintenance, repairs and future replacement costs. Obviously, the expenses add up over time.

 What Types of Exterior Entryway Doors Look Best with a Metal Roof?

Since there are many designs and color options in metal roofing material today, homeowners can typically find one to match and coordinate with any selection. There are some great entryway doors that look spectacular when installed in a home that has an attractive metal roof. Wrought iron doors are being used extensively this year for homes that have a metal roof. There are also some grand deluxe wooden doors that look sensational on homes that have a Spanish architectural style.

Do Metal Roofs Require Special Tools for DIY Homeowners?

There are some tools that a homeowner will need to install a typical metal roof without assistance by a professional roofer. These tools are specially crafted to safely and precisely cut the materials, measure the area accurately and other accessories like fasteners and clamps necessary to hold the pieces together.

Keep in mind that the installation of a metal roof does take more than a little amount of skill, and it may be best to leave this job to the professionals. Most roofing contractors that provide metal roofing materials will stand behind their workmanship and materials. Homeowners that do the job themselves will not have any recourse if there a problems that develop over time.

Metal roofs are popular today due to their low maintenance requirements, durable wear and stylish design options. Lots of roofers will offer discounts on materials or their work at different occasions. Metal roofs have never looked so classy, and these roofs will last for a lifetime and maybe longer.

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