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An awning definitely provides maximum protection during the warm summer months, whenever you prefer enjoying your time on your patio. An awning for your outdoor living area can be an inexpensive way to protect yourself and your family from the scorching sun.

Mostly, patio awnings are manufactured and designed primarily for the protection of sun, however, some are are designed to protect from winds or rain. They transform a simple facade into something meaningful and vibrant, as they are available in many styles and colors.  Enhance the look of your porch or patio and keep from the heat of the summer sun and dry?  It’s a win win situation!

As mentioned,  awnings not only offer protection in various ways but also will add beauty to your outdoor living area. The addition of awnings to your patio could also add value to your house by setting it apart from others, addings a whole new look to your home.

Along with all their looks and elegance, these awnings ensure to keep your home in a cool state during the hot summer weather. Awnings help in reducing the air conditioning expense by lessening the amount of hot air that enters into your house during summer. In some cases by as much as 70%, depending on where you live, and where your awning is located. Along with that, they also help in protecting the interior furnishing of your home as the sunlight through the window could bleach out fabrics and capeting too.

In this article, we will tell you about features of retractable awnings as well as fixed awnings so that you can determine which one to choose for your home. The main difference between them is their style and functionality.

Fixed Awnings:

 Fixed awnings are attached to a home with the help of a frame along with some screws and fasteners that help secure the awning to the building. Because these awnings are securely fixed they can protect against all kinds of weather conditions. They are permanent and cannot be taken down until and unless you take them out.

Furthermore, fixed awnings provide steady and continuous shade and may require maintenance with time. Properly placed and secured they will provide a cool and dry place for you to enjoy comfort in your patio. Commonly, fixed awnings are used for areas that are smaller in size, for instance, above the entryway, doors, windows, etc.

Retractable Awnings

Unlike fixed awnings, retractable ones aren’t permanent. They are considered adjustable awnings and provide you with the option of enjoying the sun in winter or cooler days. With some adjustable awning you have the option of adjusting or changing the pitch of the awning to your preferred position in order to maximize its protection.

In addition, retractable patio awnings are considered ideal for places that generate excessive heat temperatures. They help you control the amount of sunlight that you need in your house. More on cooler days, less on hot days. Along with that, they are also available with a motorized system to offer you great convenience with the positioning by letting you operate it with a remote or simply a switch.

Today’s awnings come in many styles, colors and fabric options.  Today’s fabrics are resistant to fading unlike fabric of years past as well.  Research to be sure you’ve looked at all your options, then choose the awning style best for you and start enjoying your patio today!