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Someone forwarded this article to me and it got me thinking. Where do Rochesterians take their summer vacations? On the above mentioned ‘top 12 list’ are US destinations like San Francisco, Martha’s Vineyard and Maui. But I started wondering… does where you live affect where you go? For instance if you live in the shaded, woody hills south of Rochester, does this make you yearn for sun drenched beaches? And if you live on the sunny shore of one of our fine lakes, do you head for a vacation spot to hike in the woods?

How about a mini ‘Rochester style’ survey? Where to you go to ‘get away from it all’? Inquiring minds want to know! What does this have to do with the Home Building and Remodeling Industry you ask? Nothing really. Other than it’s pretty darn difficult for many businesses in this industry to take summer vacations. It’s the ‘busy season’ and work beckons. Vacations in this industry often happen in the form of winter getaways to warm places. So we’d like to know about your summer vacations. We want to know what we are missing!