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Whether you are adding a room or totally remodeling your home, you have some options in who you hire to make your renovation dreams a reality. But many people overlook the benefits of hiring a custom home builder for renovations. In fact, too few realize they have such a choice. Below, we explore some of the ways that choosing custom home renovations through such a builder can benefit you. These insights are courtesy of the experts at ultimaterenovations.com.

No Bidding War

The bidding war is an often irritating aspect of working with general contractors. This phase of renovation happens before the work can ever begin. The general contractor takes your house plans to multiple subcontractors and asks each to present their best pricing for their associated services. Many people believe that this is a good process because it operates on the theory of choosing the subcontractors that provide the lowest price quotes. But as a result of doing so, your project can suffer lower quality. It is also a time-consuming game that relates less to reasonable pricing and great renovation standards, more to long construction delays.


For custom home renovations, your project includes custom house plans. Construction starts smoothly after plan drafting and your project has one affordable rate without the headache of dealing with subcontractors. Equally important is the reality of a custom home builder having a consistent standard of quality for all aspects of your remodel. With subcontractors handling individual projects, quality can vary widely.


One Point of Contact

When working with a custom home builder, your renovation project has one person in charge. That person works with you for all aspects of the renovation, from plumbing to kitchen cabinetry and countertops to carpeting. Whatever your interior finishes, they are your single point person. As a result, you have one builder who sits down with you to fully understand your goals and what you expect from your remodel. This clear line of communication enables you to develop a positive working relationship without the chaos or miscommunication of many involved parties.


Exceptional Design

Custom home renovations performed by custom home builders give you exceptional design with the flexibility you need for long-term changes to your home. In fact, your only design limitations are your imagination and budget. They can help you achieve what you want efficiently and with high quality. Instead of focusing on just a few options for each aspect of your remodel, a custom builder provides unlimited design capabilities and finishes. They employ their own designers and architects and you benefit from the skill of well-qualified and experienced professionals.


Unique Selections

If you want a custom look to your remodeling project, no one can provide the customization that a custom home renovator can. Because they do not work from just a few floorplans and limited finishes, they can give you the room to be as creative as you want with your project. Your custom home builder will work very hard to find the selections you want, whether for doorknobs, tile, countertops or paint colors. They have great taste to back up their contacts, so you also receive the benefit of an in-tune eye to help you choose on-trend options with real staying power.


Easier Execution

Because custom home builders work together routinely as part of an established team, they have already worked out the kinks in their relationships before arriving for your project. With many subcontractors and one general contractor, this is not the case. In fact, many general contractor projects involve service providers who have disagreements, miscommunicate or show signs of other problems. With a custom home builder, the well-established team works with greater harmony, clearer communication and more complete accountability for your project results.


It Is Your Choice

Working with a custom home builder for your renovations, instead of a general contractor, is certainly your own choice to make. But through a custom home builder you will suffer fewer headaches, inconveniences, delays, limitations and price changes than with a general contractor. Custom home builders work every day to make homeowners’ dreams come true, whether from the ground up or as part of a renovation.