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We live in a day and age where millions upon millions of young adults head into universities right after high school, where they amass hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and many of them end up having trouble landing careers because they majored in some social-theory course that doesn’t have market value. It’s a sad phenomenon that’s happening, but not everyone goes that route. Some people still want to work in the traditional trades, the professions that built our first-world nations and gave us these comfortable lives we have today. Mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, and professions like roofers are always in demand, and they always seem to do well in terms of money made during their careers.


Have you given any thought to becoming a roofer? It’s not something you have to pursue straight out of school. Some people many years later decide to get into this profession, and they end up doing pretty well. Some might go on to work with a quality roofing company like Calgary City Roofing & Exteriors. Others may start their own businesses and find success. Though what must one do to become a roofer? Here’s some information on the topic.


Steps You Can Take to Become a Certified Roofer

Enter the Right Program

The first step you can take here is to enter an actual roofing program. This is in no way set in stone. There are plenty of roofers who gained on-the-job training as apprentices to other roofers, and carpenters in general, and they just worked a lot toward that goal, which we’ll discuss more below. However, there are different programs that you can get into, giving you apprenticeships with professional roofers who are experts at their craft. You will work with them and learn the ropes until which point you are ready to branch out and start doing the work yourself. Either way, your first step is going to lead into the second.


Work For Experience

Actually working to gain your experience is the only way that you’re going to be able to become a professional roofer. With other sorts of career paths, you can do the actual work through study and testing and then move on into your profession. A lawyer, for instance, just gains book knowledge expertise, generally speaking, and then passes a bar entry exam, not having to try a case before trying a case. With being a roofer, it’s a whole lot different in that you’re going to have to work on a whole lot of roofs before you end up a professional roofer. There’s just no other way to train a roofer except through the hands-on experience of doing the job. It doesn’t pay as much to start, but it’s how you work your way up.


Earn Your Certification

If you really want to become a professional in the field here, then it’s vital that you earn certification as a roofer. Now, of course, this is another step that’s not written in stone. There are plenty of master roofers out there who don’t have a piece of paper saying that they’re expert roofers; however, in today’s world, and its fickle hiring practices, having this certification is going to give you a leg up on any competition out there and help you land a job where someone without certification might have a more difficult time. This is especially true if you want to start your own business, which we’ll get into more below.


Figure Out Your Career Path

Now, it’s time to figure out your career path. Would you like to go and apply and work for a quality roofing company? There’s a ton of upward mobility here. You can start as a basic laborer but with time and talent run your own crew, become a manger, and more. Though you could also go the other way and start your own business, where you’re your own boss and you hire the employees. If choosing the latter, that certification is definitely going to come in handy. Though no matter which way you go here, gaining that experience and becoming an expert roofer is essential.


There’s always the need for a roofer out there, and so it’s a high-demand job. That’s why you get the best work possible when you hire a quality roofer in the area.