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Electricity is a significant part of daily life. As a homeowner, you may rely on it to light your house, operate appliances, run the security system, and perform various tasks. So, a power interruption can disrupt your quality of life.

Besides the scheduled electricity outages, several other factors may cause power problems in your home. It can be a circuit breaker, grounding, lighting, switch, wiring, or old electrical component issue. Hiring an expert to handle power problems in your home is best. This is because doing the job yourself increases the risk of emergencies like electrocution or accidental fires.

Why Hire A Level 2 Electrician?

When looking for someone to help you with the power problem in your home, you may come across a level 2 electrician. Deciding whether to hire them or go for an ordinary technician may be challenging without proper guidance. This article aims to help you make the right decision.

A regular electrician has less training than a level 2 expert. Usually, the former is better for basic electrical maintenance, installation, and repair works associated with wiring, switches, and circuits.

On the other hand, level 2 technicians have undergone advanced training and are more qualified to handle complex maintenance, installation, and repair tasks. Some cases may require you to hire these professionals. In those instances, the best level 2 electricians to work with are qualified, reputable, and insured technicians with experience in residential power work.

Apart from the ones mentioned, here are a few more reasons you may need a level 2 electrician for your home:


1. For An Electrical System Upgrade

Your home may have a single or 3-phase electrical system. A single-phase type consists of a live and neutral wire. Also, it has a lower voltage, which means it transmits less power. On the other hand, a 3-phase electrical system has three active wires and one neutral one. This type has a higher voltage, so it supplies more electricity.

If your home requires more power but has a single-phase, you need to shift to a 3-phase system. Otherwise, you may overload your circuit.

Upgrading your electrical system requires a specialist’s experience, expertise, and tools. Also, the risk level of this task may be higher. Level 2 experts are best suited to handle such a job. They’re better trained and more experienced than the regular technicians.


2.  For A Meter Box Installation

You may be paying a high amount for the electricity in your home. In this case, you need to look for ways to lower your power bill. One way to do that is by installing a meter box, which decreases energy consumption, improves power usage monitoring, and enhances safety.

Installation of an electric meter box is a complex job. This is because it requires someone with extensive knowledge and expertise in handling the public power grid and a building’s wiring system. A level 2 electrician is licensed and authorized to perform this task. Therefore, they’re most suited for this installation.

Besides doing a great job, they also know how and where to buy a high-quality meter box that’ll serve you for a long time.


3.  For Handling Overhead And Underground Cables

Your building may have an underground or overhead power supply. The former means cables that distribute electricity are underneath the ground. On the contrary, an overhead power supply system places the cables above the ground. In this case, electricity poles are used to transmit energy.

Underground or overhead power cables carry high electricity amounts from the power plant to distribution hubs. Therefore, handling them is a high-risk task that you should only leave to well-trained experts.

If you need your home overhead or underground power cables installed, inspected, or repaired, hire a level 2 electrician. These are the professionals to call, even if you need work done on the overhead poles or underground tubes.

A level 2 expert is best because they’ve acquired the right knowledge and skills through training. Also, they know the proper safety precautions to prevent fires, electric shock, and other accidents. So, they’ll keep you, your family, your neighbors, and themselves safe when working.


Final Thoughts

You may depend heavily on electricity in your home. So, power failure can disrupt a lot of activities. You’ll need a professional to handle electrical problems since they provide power maintenance, installation, and inspection services.

When looking for someone to handle electrical work, you may find regular and level 2 technicians. In this article, you’ve learned that the former is best for basic tasks like handling issues with wiring, switches, and circuits. However, level 2 technicians have more advanced training and experience than regular electricians.

So, you should hire them for complex jobs like upgrading your electrical system, installing a meter box, and handling overhead and underground cables. Level 2 technicians will follow the necessary safety precautions, offer the best solutions, and ensure long-term results in any task they handle.