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Commercial cleaners clean commercial spaces. This includes residential homes, office buildings, commercial spaces, warehouses, and other commercial premises. They also provide general housekeeping services such as window-washing and floor care. A commercial cleaner’s type of cleaning service can depend on what they can do for you in return.


Commercial cleaning services are there mostly to help you organize your work easier. Here are some of the main things they can do for you or ease your daily routine.

1) They can sort out office waste for recycling purposes. This way you will save time sorting through departments’ rubbish yourself, to see which types belong – bottles in one pile, paper in another, etc. A cleaner should be able to tell one type from another, so it should not be hard for them.


2) They can supply you with office stationery and office equipment such as staplers, hole punchers, scissors, etc., which will save you money on buying them yourself and time looking for one in your storage cabinets. On the other hand, if there’s some equipment you need that they don’t carry – ask them to order it for you, and they’ll do that too! Another thing: if they did not bring enough supplies for everyone – don’t worry, just let them know ahead of time so they can include this in their next shopping list. And even better: ask people to provide their things (think about what kinds of things people use more often) so that there is less waste and no one will run out of staple pins or hole punchers anymore.


3) They can also help you organize the office space better if needed. For example, desks should be cleaned and moved around (if there is too much clutter on them), cabinets and drawers should be emptied and sorted through – what to keep, what to throw away; or even painting walls (although ideally, this should wait until everyone has gone home for the day). And since cleaners are already there, they may do all hard-to-reach surfaces such as top shelves, etc. But make sure you point out which things like papers need NOT be thrown away. For example, if they see something that says “confidential” on it, they should know that such papers need to remain untouched.


4) They can arrange furniture and equipment into different arrangements if needed (for example, in the morning when employees leave their chairs in different places). If you are planning on rearranging things yourself with your team’s help – then cleaners will see what you’re doing anyway, so ask them about whether they would like to join in or not. Usually, people are happy to let them do this chore since they don’t feel like reorganizing furniture themselves every morning.


5) If you want some flowers or plants around your office but don’t want to spend money on buying them yourself, ask commercial cleaning services to bring some in to enjoy them while they last. They won’t have to walk too far, because they already come to your office every day – and it’s a nice gesture.


6) If there is a kitchenette in your office (or any room with a sink and running water), but no one has time to wash the dishes or run the dishwasher, cleaners can do this chore for everyone. And if you’d like them to purchase detergent and clean towels for this purpose, just let them know ahead of time. Dish soap should be cheap anyway, and once hired – these people can become your new dishwashers.


7) You can also ask cleaners to help you organize your filing cabinets or your electronic documents – although their main jobs are to put things back where they found them and make sure everything is clean and not broken, so remember this before you give out these additional tasks. But still: think about what could go where and whether there is anything else that needs sorting through (for example, old contracts like “yes” and “no” piles) – and cleaners will be more than happy to do this for you.


8) And finally, think about whether some job-related questions have been popping up frequently in your head lately. Because commercial cleaning services get to know your place well by now: they might know the answer. For example: how much pressure should I apply when mopping with this mop? Should I use a particular window cleaner, or is it okay with whatever is in our storage room (it’s probably fine)? If it’s something like “should I cover my mouth when spraying these pesticides?” – then don’t ask cleaners, but if it’s anything else, why not? You can always ask them if they know what time of day they’re most likely to come (on the days when you know they will come) and what your best chances are of catching them before or after their shift (usually before is better, but still).