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There are many different kinds of electrical repairs. Some of them are relatively simple and only involve swapping out a fuse or broken wire. Others are much more complicated and may require weeks of pulling new cable and upgrading existing power systems. Understanding the different kinds of repairs can be helpful.


In conjunction with the great folks over at Colz Electric, we aim to give that basis of understanding to you with the information we present below. There’s a fair amount to get through, so let’s not waste any time!


Electrical systems continue to evolve and improve with time. What was commonplace thirty years ago is much different than anything we do today. This has a negative impact on older homes, which were potentially made without the safety and regulatory considerations of our modern era.


As a result, electrical repairs to retrofit a building are common. These repairs involve replacing wiring with modern equivalents and generally require reconfiguring the electrical system to meet the building codes of the jurisdiction where the retrofitting occurs.


Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation and troubleshooting is also a type of electrical repair. Solar panels are typically installed on the roof of a building to maximize their exposure to the sun, but they may also be standalone arrays on the ground. In either case, these units may require repairs to their wiring or inverters.



A big part of electrical repairs is figuring out just what the problem is. This is called troubleshooting, and it can occur in many different situations. If an outlet or system is no longer functioning correctly, diagnosing and repairing the electrical system can often remedy the problem.


Electrical Panel Upgrades

Another component of the retrofitting electrical repair is upgrading the electrical panel. Electrical panels are the hub for all the electrical pathways that run through your home and building. One of their main functions is to protect against electrical surges from inside or outside the home. However, they are also useful in emergencies and as a way to partition higher voltage currents from one another.


Still, all these functions have been added with time, meaning that older electrical panels may not have some of these functions. Similarly, their placement within a home may be bad and could be a potential hazard. In either of these situations, electrical repairs that replace and update the system can make all the difference.


Data Cabling

Data cabling is another form of electrical repair and is generally more common on the commercial side of things. Data cabling allows data to travel from servers to buildings and is what people mean when they refer to the rather nebulous “internet.” Ensuring these systems work without interruption is arguably the most impressive technological feat our species has pulled off, and regular repair and maintenance ensures it continues to function as expected.


Appliance/ Device Repairs

Thus far, we have only discussed the repairs that apply to a home or building. Still, there are many devices, appliances and other objects that require their own electrical repair. Perhaps you’ve had a charging cord that only works in a precise position or an appliance that uncomfortably sparks whenever in operation. These things can be addressed and remedied through the appropriate electrical maintenance.


And there you have it, just a sample of some of the common electrical repairs you can expect to find. Of course, there are lots more to discover and a bunch of specific examples that were not discussed, but this should still give you a good idea of what the types are.