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Your plumbing systems work hard for you every day, ensuring that all unwanted water and liquid waste is removed from your property and directed towards city sewage lines. They are an integral element of your home, allowing you to have running water and washroom facilities within the house, rather than having to rely on a well or an outhouse.


However, the maintenance of plumbing systems is often overlooked. As they are often hidden and out of sight, many homeowners do not concern themselves with the quality or condition of their plumbing until a visible or noticeable issue has popped up. While this isn’t an uncommon practice, it would help the structure of your home immensely if you aimed to take more preventative measures.


Regardless of whether you remember to take proactive steps or if you end up responding to an emergency, there is always professional help available. Plumbing professionals can be booked for a range of services, ensuring your plumbing systems are intact and ready to handle anything. But what exactly are plumbing services, and what do they include? Let’s take a look!

What are plumbing services?


Plumbing services refer to the design, installation, construction, repair, replacement, and alteration of pipes, fixtures, and other systems used in bringing water into the building and liquid waste out of the building. Essentially, anything in a home or commercial building that is hooked up to water, such as sinks, fridges, showers, toilets, and dishwashers, will be serviced by a plumber at least once in its lifetime.


What are some examples of plumbing services?


The world of plumbing is rather extensive and can include a great number of services. However, here are some of the more common household plumbing services that you may end up requiring.


Floor Drain Backups


Unfortunately, floor drain backups are difficult to prepare for, as they are often a result of a blockage in the mainline that connects to the city’s sewer system. Therefore, this is a situation in which you’ll be scrambling for a solution. Plumbers have the specialized tools needed to remove the blockage from the line and reduce the backup that may be sitting on your basement floor.


Drain Cleaning & Augering


This is one of the more common services that plumbers tackle on a daily basis, as they can be called for both preventive measures and emergency scenarios. Augering, also known as snaking, is the main tool used in drain cleaning. This specialized tool is comprised of a long cable that is pushed down into the drain. Once it comes into contact with the clog or debris, the pointed end can either break it apart or hook onto it to bring it back up the drain.


Consider contacting a plumber as soon as possible if you begin to notice that your sink or tub isn’t draining as quickly as it once had. While it may just seem like a small inconvenience, blocked pipes actually result in an increase of pressure as the water tries to pass by, thus increasing the likelihood of cracking. Booking a regular drain cleaning service can also ensure this problem never arises and offers you some peace of mind.


Hydro Jetting


When we think of buildup or debris in our pipes, we often think of materials like hair or chunks of food. However, grease can also cling to the sides of your plumbing and slowly build up over time, thus restricting the diameter of the pipes and slowing down the rate at which water can drain. That’s where hydro jetting comes in. Hydro jetting is not unlike power washing the inside of your plumbing, giving it a good scrub and peeling off any deposits stuck to the sides.