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An organized and optimal home is essential to everyday living, especially if you’re working from home. Having your appliances, items, and clothing in their respective storage space will look great and ensure efficiency.

Maximizing the storage areas in your home can help you save time and energy because you can easily find your things. However, if you’re running out of places to store items, here are practical tips to increase storage in your home.


Get rid of stuff you don’t need


Decluttering is the first and essential step on your road to increasing storage space at your house. You’ll just get things of some things you don’t need or even didn’t use. An excellent way to declutter is to go room by room, starting with the big rooms and then on to the smaller ones to keep you organized. This method not only gives you extra storage space but also removes some things that have or produce dust.

But don’t put these things in the dumpster just yet; try donating or selling them to people who need them.


Make use of boxes and baskets


Boxes and baskets are items that help increase your house’s storage space. Small, medium, or large, there is no wrong size for these boxes and baskets, as you can put anything in them. This method is reasonable and flexible, which makes it a recommendable way.


Locate the dead spaces in your house


Dead spaces are those empty zones in your house. These are the space under the stairs, open corners, or the ends of your corridors. You can put things in the zones you seldom use, like your toolbox or portable cabinets.


Install hooks on your walls or doors


You can also use an empty wall in your house as a storage place and is not just limited to putting art or framed photographs.

On blank walls, you can use them to hang coats, jackets, plants, and accessories. All walls, including the bathroom and the kitchen, can also be used as storage. Just make sure you install that hook properly.

A door is a good place for storage to hang your keys, hats, and umbrellas so you can find them easily when you go out.


Add more shelves to your house


Just like hooks, you just need to install shelves on your wall, and they are ready to use. Adding more shelves is ideal for storing reading materials and clocks. You can also put small plants on these shelves to improve air quality in your room and save storage space simultaneously.


Invest in Access Doors


Investing in Access doors is a good choice for homeowners because you can also use them for storage. A valve cabinet is an excellent example of an access door to use as storage as you can store here your fire extinguishers properly.

Some suppliers can customize the depth of the valve cabinet, and you can customize it so that you can keep up to two fire extinguishers in the valve cabinet, giving you more space in your house.


Utilize the space under the stairs


As stated above, this is considered a dead space in your house. You can use the space under the stairs as storage, just add drawers or cabinets that fit the space, and you’re all set. Using the space under the stairs does not increase the storage space in your house; it also gives your house’s interior design a distinctive look.


Use furniture that has a multifunctional use


If you don’t want to get rid of your things, try using furniture that multitasks. These are furniture that has at least two or more functions. Common examples of this furniture include chairs with storage units, tables with multiple drawers or shelves, freestanding cabinets, and bookshelves.

Nowadays, some people only use their electronic devices as their reading material for almost everything, so you can use bookshelves to store things other than books.


Go vertical


Going vertical means storing or installing your things vertically. This way, you won’t take some square footage of your house, thus providing extra storage space. This method is suitable for storing items in your garage and designing Christmas decorations. Going vertical is easy; all you need is just a ladder.


 Final Thoughts


The methods stated above will surely increase the storage space in your house, big or small. It is good   practice for homeowners as this keeps them organized and proper.