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by NAHBNow.com – the blog post of the National Association of Home Builders

Home owners are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. But soon, they’ll be looking at all options to rebuild, repair or replace their homes. And that will place extremely high demand on home builders.

While some homes will not be a total loss, many home owners will unfortunately find that it’s best to simply replace their homes rather than try to carry out major structural repairs and rebuilding.

In this way, modular homes can play a valuable role in the recovery: Primarily, because they can be built quickly and offsite in a controlled environment. And there are additional benefits to builders that you may not be aware of.

Here are some of the reasons to consider modular construction for rebuilding in your community after a disaster like a hurricane or major storm, as described by NAHB Building Systems Councils member Ken Semler, president of Express Modular.

  • Because modular homes are constructed indoors, weather doesn’t cause the same delays as it does with on-site construction. Modular construction lets you rebuild whatever the season.
  • Energy efficiency. The modular building process itself promotes energy-efficient home construction. Your home is built from the inside out. With access to interior walls throughout the building process, typical air infiltration points are sealed better than with site-built construction. What this means to you is that the building envelope of your custom home is fabricated to be extremely energy efficient. Modular also uses increased insulation, high-tech sealants and other advanced materials.
  • Flexible design.The words “custom” and “modular” are not always thought of as going together, but with modular you can create a home in most styles and shapes. You can choose materials, both interior and exterior, and design it to include large tile showers, open layouts and unique, spacious kitchens.

A lot of home owners want to return to the home they had before disaster struck for very understandable reasons. In designing a new home, either with traditional methods or with modular construction, you can use the original home plan — even build on the existing foundation — while also incorporating improvements.

Given the speed and modern techniques used to manufacture them, and flexibility in the product you build, modular can be a good option when you are ready to help your clients — and entire communities — rebuild after disaster strikes.

To find a modular home manufacturer that operates in your area, please contact Devin Perry of NAHB’s Building Systems Councils at 202-266-8577.