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Good health is something we all need as there’s no such thing as good bad health. You do not miss your daily house chores ensuring that all the cobwebs in the corners have been chased away including all the ones from your baseboards, nonetheless, have you considered cleaning your home’s HVAC system?


Most people do not realize the risk that having dirty HVAC in the house poses for them and their loved ones. In a bid to combat HVAC germs in various hospitals, it has become news in the media because antibiotic-resistant germs have started finding their way into the air in hospitals.


The germs lurk in there because of where it’s usually situated but when you keep your HVAC system clean, you can be certain that the air in your home would be free from dust, pesky pollen, and pet dander. Check out how you can ensure the air from your HVAC is always clean.


1.  Replace The Filters

Check to see that your filters are well cleaned. What’s the filter filtering if it’s dirty? Fliers are recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be replaced at least every three months. Yours might be more often if there are pets or family members who are suffering from allergies. You might need Rigid Bag Filters that have high dust holding capacity for your home HVAC system. Filters are different so you might want to check the MERV rating of your current filter and be sure it’s actually filtering out the impurities in the air. Do well to check the body for the dimensions of the filter so you can get the right size.


2.  Tidy Up The Area Surrounding The HVAC Unit

There’s the big metal box that’s outside with the fan, the one that makes sounds when your HVAC system is switched on. Did you notice that there is dirt, branches, leaves, grass, or some plant growing very close to the unit? Well, it is important that you remove anything that’s close to your HVAC unit.


The condenser coil, compressor, and fan also need to be cleaned because they are crucial in ensuring that your apartment remains at a comfortable temperature.

3.  The Vents And Register Needs To Be Clean

Air vents and registers (also vents) are usually ridden with a large amount of debris. They are crucial in ensuring that the HVAC system is getting the required airflow and distribution of air around your home. Having too much dirt in there can clog the system, thus, causing problems.


Clean and vacuum the vents and registers in your home or use a vacuum hose to loosen up the gunk before using a knife with a duster to clean it up properly.


4.  Hire a Professional Cleaner

If you want clean and healthy air, be ready to hire a professional cleaner. There are several things that could go wrong when the cleaning process is done wrongly. Even using the wrong equipment can do more harm than good. For that reason, the EPA recommends using good air duct cleaners and why you need a qualified service provider who is well trained and is able to manage any damage to your ducts or HVAC system.


The air we breathe is very important because it goes directly into your body system and if it is unfiltered, that can cause severe damage to your health. Follow these steps to ensure your HVAC system produces clean air.