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Humans and symbolism are synonymous with each other, as they look to find meaning in every action, reason, and symbol. Therefore begins the journey of symbolism, where humans depict the importance through what they feel about a particular thing.

Though symbolism as a figure of speech began in literature, it allowed people to attach meaning to each thing. First, it was restricted to actions that depicted good and bad omen. Later, the beauty of flowers came under the pretense of symbolism. 

That is why each flower will give you the light of each moment and feeling today. Consequently, our discussion will be based on flowers and their position in the juxtaposition world. 

Over the years, flowers have been the subject of purity, holiness, and joy. The Greeks showcased the art of depicting the meaning of each flower, then came the Romans, and later, the tradition continued with Christianity and other religions. 

Moreover, the globalized market has bring the opportunity to find all flowers at all corners of the world. For example, you can find an Ireland flower delivery and order the beautiful blooms of the country for someone special.

So, let’s explore different types of flowers and different meanings attached to each of them. Kindly shift your focus to the next section to join the discussion. 


Different Types Of Flowers And Their Meanings 

The word symbolism exists worldwide because the poets and authors pen words for each beauty and give us a vivid display of the serenity that florals bring. Hence, continuing the tradition of understanding beauty, here are a few flowers and meaning attached to it – 


Roses are the flower species that are synonymous with every lover worldwide. It has found a way to get associated with one when someone professes their love to another person. It symbolizes love and passion, which ignites one’s love for the other. Therefore, they hold importance to the world of flowers. 

Further, rose buds also symbolize courage and beauty, adding more value to flowers in the floral family. Thus, you will see each culture has its meaning of roses. For some, it is – 

  • Desire 
  • Courage 
  • Beauty 
  • Passion 
  • Love 

Besides these, roses’ meaning changes as different colors come into the picture. For example – 

  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity 
  • Pink roses symbolize pure happiness (a rare thing to find in a human)
  • Dark Crimson highlights grief and mourning 
  • Whereas yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy
  • Purple roses exude royalty and luxury. It also represents mystery and charm.
  • Orange roses are the symbol of gratitude and happiness 
  • Salmon roses symbolize excitement and enthusiasm


Another feather in the arrow is the tulips, which are the universal symbol of rebirth and renewal. They are mostly associated with spring, where rebirth takes place and the start of a new life cycle. This was seen in the description of Slyvia Path’s poem Tulips, where she used the flower to discuss death and rebirth.

Tulips are also seen as the symbol of love, especially in the Turkish tradition, where they see the red tulips as the symbol of passion and love. Thus, you will see tulips being used in different circumstances and reflecting meaning to each situation. 

Also, in the Persian tradition, tulips symbolize wealth and prosperity, further seen in the Dutch paintings of the 17th century, where painters used tulips to signify wealth and happiness. Hence, the Dutch people every year celebrate tulip day to reflect on the importance of these flowers in their life. 

Consequently, different colors of tulips have different meanings and understandings – 

  • Pink tulips symbolize happiness and confidence 
  • Purple tulips are the reflection of royalty 
  • Yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts 
  • White tulips are known as an act of forgiveness  

So, the tulip’s cultural significance makes it one of the unique flowers that resembles so much more than what meets the eye at face value.


You must all be acting Leo in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and think about where you saw Lily. Don’t think too hard, as you saw in the classic You’ve Got A Mail, where Meg Ryan tells Tom Hanks Lillies are her favorite, as they are the friendliest flowers.  

Thus, we can understand how people view lilies and their significance in the modern world. 

Lilies come from the Latin word Lilium, also considered the representation of the Virgin Mary. Therefore, people view lilies as the symbol of purity, love, and innocence. In simple words, it is the depiction of the holy Christ. Further, they also symbolize fertility and femininity. 

Lilies are the symbol of history. The great Babylon worshipped lilies as the goddess of fertility and gave importance to the existence of flowers. Even in the Greek tradition, lilies are seen as Hera’s milk, which was severely used in their times to celebrate and represent grief and happiness. 

Consequently, you will see them used in the funerals to showcase mourning and grief to one person. So, here are a few lilies and their meanings to the modern world – 

  • White lilies symbolize purity and virtue 
  • Pink Lilies are the symbol of prosperity and abundance 
  • Red lilies symbolize passion and love 
  • Orange lilies reflect confidence, pride, and wealth
  • Yellow lilies symbolize thankfulness and desire for enjoyment and happiness. 

Further, if you want to know more about lilies, you can read William Blake’s poem The Lily to understand the cultural significance of the flower better. 


It is not something I took out from William Wordsworth’s poem. Rather, their beauty and cultural importance include the flower in the section. Daffodils are beautiful and bright, which resembles rebirth and new beginnings. Earlier, they were viewed as the end of cold and dark winters and the start of spring, 

Further, you will see the flower being used as the representation of – 

  • Creativity 
  • Energy 
  • Resilience 
  • Forgiveness 
  • Vitality 

No wonder Wordsworth saw it as an escape from solitude. Also, in China, Daffodils are symbols of good fortune and prosperity—even the Japanese view the flower as joy and delight. The French put a perspective of hope around the flower, and the Middle Easterns see the flower as an aphrodisiac. 

For the Welsh people, Daffodils represent their nationalistic feelings, which is another culture of cancer-related charities, especially in Australia. The Cancer Council of Australia celebrates 25th August as Daffodil Day. 

Yellow daffodils are popular, representing strong emotions like happiness, optimism, and prosperity, whereas others fall under the Daffodil category. Here are a few of those – 

  • White Daffodils represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings. 
  • Orange daffodils symbolize bravery, zeal, good health, and friendship.
  • Pink daffodils are associated with spiritual love and admiration. 
  • Whereas Purple daffodils are the visual representation of selfishness and self-obsession (a tale from Greek Mythology, where Daffodils were marked as a symbol of narcissism due to Narcissus, a young hunter, who presumed himself to be very attractive)


Lavender often represents scent and medicinal purposes, yet the flowers have great cultural significance, making them an important part of the discussion. They are revered as a potent spiritual purifier, especially in Christianity and Shamanism. Its aroma plays an important role, as it gives inner peace and allows one to connect with the divine. 

That’s why it has great cultural importance in the world. 

Lavender flowers are known to represent – 

  • Purity 
  • Silence 
  • Devotion 
  • Serenity 
  • Grace and 
  • Calmness 

Its importance is recorded in history, where people used it to create fragrances, cooking, and therapeutic activities. From the Greeks to Romans, even Egyptians used lavender to create sweet aromas and cure different diseases. Hence giving the flower a significant edge in the discussion. 

Further, different types of lavender will help you select the best flowers to give to someone or make your home an extra special place to live. Thus, here are a few of them – 

  • One of the most common among them is the purple lavender, which is the symbol of serenity and calmness 
  • Pink lavenders symbolize purity and compassion 
  • White lavenders represent tranquillity and peace
  •  Blue lavenders symbolize spiritual enlightenment

Therefore, if you are looking for spirituality and want to find peace like Po, then you should purchase lavender. It will help you relax and instill a sense of calmness and serenity.


It is not Daisy from The Great Gatsby, but it is the flower I am talking about. Daisies are beautiful and vibrant flowers that have the quality to enhance your mood as well as bring cheerfulness to you. 

Daisies are the visual representation of new beginnings and rebirth. Further, it is known as the flag bearer of –

  • Love 
  • Cheerfulness 
  • Beauty 
  • Purity 
  • Innocence 
  • Hope 
  • Fun 
  • Affection 

They are mostly given to new mothers as a symbol of childbirth and celebration of motherhood. You can view this in the Celtic tradition, where they thought when the infants died, Gods covered their graves with daisies to mourn and grieve the loss. 

Further, in Norse mythology, daisies have an important position in society, where you see it as the representation of Goddess Freya, who is known as the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty.    

Also, in the Victorian era, the flower was used to communicate with others. It was used as a way to keep secrets. Like Morse code, a bouquet of daisies was viewed as “I’ll never tell.” 

Here are a few different types of daisies – 

  • White daisies represent purity and innocence 
  • Yellow daisies symbolize cheerfulness  
  • Blue daisies trust, honesty, and loyalty 
  • Purple daisies symbolize feminine beauty, pride, elegance, and royalty 
  • Red daisies represent romantic love 
  • The Orange daisy flower means passion, excitement, sunshine, and happiness 


Well, not the song by Goo Goo Dolls. Rather, it is the flower again. There needs to be more inclusion of flowers in pop culture. It symbolizes hope, wisdom, trust, and courage, which is why it is one of the greatest flowers around the house. 

If you ever turn back pages and shift your focus towards Greek mythology, then you will see that Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. Consequently, the flower’s name comes after the goddess due to its different variants. 

Therefore, it is the bridge between heaven and earth, just like an arch of the rainbow. One of the interesting things about Iris is that its different color variants have different meanings and represent different understandings of emotions and feelings.

Here are a few of them – 

  • Purple Irises symbolize royalty and wisdom 
  • Yellow Irises are the representation of friendship, happiness, and passion 
  • Blue Irises are the symbol of faith and hope 
  • White Irises symbolize purity, and it is often sent as a new baby gift

Additionally, these flowers bloom during the summertime. So, if you want a great summer full of vibrancy and joy, then you opt to visit the field of irises, and if not, ask your flower delivery to send you the flowers quickly. 


Again, please do not confuse it with Ivy League schools; I am not discussing that. Rather, it is the flower which is often presented to the bride and groom as a symbol of 

  • Everlasting life
  • Devotion 
  • Fidelity 
  • Loyalty 

Its relevance dates back to the Greeks, who used to make crowns with Ivies for liber, God of Fertility, and poets. Even the Christian faith saw the flower as the symbol of friendship, love, immortality, and death. The use of Ivy while singing showcases the cultural importance of the flower.   

You also find its inclusion among the Roman Gods and the Bible, where Ivy plays an important role, yet there is a superstition attached to it, with the British refraining from growing inside, as it brings bad luck. 

On the other hand, the flower brings good luck if you grow it outside. 

Here are a few different types of Ivy flowers – 

  • White Ivy, represents holiness, and honesty
  • Yellow Ivy symbolizes energy, aggressiveness, and self-enthusiasm 
  • Purple Ivy is the symbol of achievement and sovereignty 
  • Blue Ivy is the representation of unity, stability, and calm emotions


Flowers Are The Reflection Of Human Emotions 

As the title suggests, if we dig into the discussion, we will find that flowers reflect human emotions. Each category flower depicted something to help humans find meaning in every logical and illogical action.  

Therefore, if you want to give flowers or choose to have them for a beautiful lunch or dinner, you can select any of the above discussed.