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No matter where you live, it’s always nice to feel a little safe inside your home. After all, we spend thousands on our homes as we need a roof over our heads. The last thing you want is to then feel uncomfortable or nervous in your own home.


Intrusions, accidents, and nasty things do sometimes happen. This is why some people like to spend a little extra money to make their homes feel safer and more secure. If you are in the market for some home security upgrades, read on to find out some top tips on advanced solutions to boost the safety of your house.


Security Screens and Doors

One of the easiest things to install in a home is security screens and doors. Specialist companies like Central Screens & Locks install high-quality security screens on homes. These screens come in different designs, all made to keep intruders out of the home whilst also allowing you to leave doors and windows open for ventilation. They are burglar-proof, fireproof, and, as a real bonus, insect-proof. With their relatively cheap price, easy installation, and a long list of benefits, there’s no reason not to install safety screens on your windows or doors.


Remote CCTV

One of the best home upgrades out there rests in the world of modern technology. For many years people have had CCTV cameras at their doors or windows. But only recently, this CCTV has leveled up into a system that you can monitor at all times.


Picture this; you’re upstairs in bed and you hear a loud bang at the kitchen door. What do you do? Run downstairs to check, right? Or, instead, you could grab your phone and take a look at your CCTV system. These cameras work on 4G or 5G networks, meaning they constantly stream images to your phone for checking at your leisure. Whether you’re home or away, these cameras can help you keep an eye on your home at all times.


High-Level Locks

Classic locks have been around for years. Keys are easy to replicate and locks are becoming easier to pick. This is why modern locks are once again leveling up to make intruder’s lives far more difficult. Whether you go for keypad locks, fingerprint locks, or digital swipe locks, there are so many modern ways of ensuring that the front door is locked and stays locked.


Intruder Lighting

Finally, a simple yet effective deterrent. Intruder lighting works by lighting up your lawn, yard, or back garden as soon as anyone triggers it. Motion sensors around your doors and windows can be set to shine super bright lights when triggered. This quickly tells a burglar – and your neighbors – that tonight is not the night to be trying to break into this home. Deterrents like this have been around for years for one simple reason: they work.


A selection of these, or ideally all of them, will make your home more secure than ever before. This will allow you to sleep easier whether at home or away, knowing that your home, family, and belongings are protected at all times.