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Once you have saved enough for a wine cooler you probably have two questions in mind. Which wine cooler should you buy? And once you have bought it where you should put it?

Selecting a wine cabinet or cooler completely depends on your personal preference, capacity, budget, and aesthetics. A high-quality wine cooler has features that enable it to maintain a constant temperature, reduce vibration levels, and reduce the amount of light it is exposed to. All that makes it convenient to place it just about anywhere. But still, there are some places best suited to place any type of wine coolers

In this article, we are going to show you what are the best and also the worst places to put your wine cooler


Best Places To Install Wine Coolers

Wine coolers can add a nice touch to the ambiance of your house and most wine coolers look good anywhere you put it. You can click here to check out some well-built wine coolers currently available

43 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit is generally the lowest serving temperature for sweet wines. However, the storing temperature varies for different brands of wines and the temperature can even range up to 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although wine coolers are made by taking all those features into consideration, it is still better in the first place to do your research before buying one.


Now that we have all that figured out here are some of the best places where you can to store your wine cooler-

1. In the kitchen

Your kitchen is the most popular and convenient place to install the wine cooler and for obvious reasons. Putting it in the kitchen allows you to conveniently and easily serve your guests.

You can also open a bottle and drink a few sips in between preparing meals. There are small wine coolers available in the market that fit perfectly in the corners of your kitchen.


2. Next To The Bar

If you like mixing drinks and want your house to have a more elite look then you might already have an idea for a bar inside the house. You could either have a dry bar or a wet bar. That is completely up to you but adding a small wine cooler perfectly blends in with the entire decorum.

You can place a comparatively small cooler here to serve and keep a larger unit stored somewhere else.


3. In The Dining Room

Just like the kitchen, placing your wine cooler in the dining room serves a similar purpose. If you are the host then it’s your job to make sure everyone gets their share of the drink but it can be a bit of a hassle if the wine cooler is away from your dining room.

You or your guests will never have to leave the room as long as you have your wine cooler perfectly stored in the corner of your dining room.


4. Under The Stairs

This is especially useful for the people who live in a two-story home. In most cases, you will have some space underneath the stairs. Putting the wine cooler there not only makes it look amazing but also makes perfect use of that otherwise unused space.


5. In the Cellar

Cellars are great places to store your wine but cellars alone can not provide the right temperature to serve wine. Even with the current wine cooling cellars, it is still best to store them in a cooler and put the cooler in the cellar.


6. In A Basement

The basement can be a good place to store wine. If you want, you can even renovate the basement and make it a fun and entertainment zone to hang out with your friends and family or be a little more creative and make your own wine tasting zone. The possibilities are endless if you have a big enough space.

Large basements can be used to store entire collections of your favorite wines.


7. In The Living Room

Usually, the living room is the first place your guests are going to sit which makes it an ideal place to store your wine cooler. Your collection can be the centerpiece of the room and will be easily accessible to everyone. In that way, you will not have to miss out on any of the fun and serve your guests conveniently.


8. On The Patio Or Porch

Outdoor wine coolers on a patio or porch can keep wine right where you want to enjoy it. Just be sure to avoid direct sunlight and get a unit that’s up to the challenge of maintaining the right temperature in a changing climate.

A countertop cooler should be used if you want to easily move it in and out depending on the occasion.

A wine cooler will look great on the patio or porch but be sure that you can move it back inside the house. Staying out too long in the heat can be harmful to the wine and the cooler.


Bad Places To Store Your Wine Coolers

We mentioned earlier how modern and high-end wine coolers can be stored just about anywhere. However, there are some places you should avoid.

Especially places with-

  • Too much light
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Insufficient ventilation


Sunlight and UV spoil the wine and electric lights can cause labels to fade. So make sure the sun doesn’t shine on your fridge at any time of the day, Also, avoid places where there are strong lights for long hours every day.


The extreme fluctuation of temperature helps the rapid deterioration of the cooler. Therefore, do not place the refrigerator in a place where it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature, such as a patio or porch where it can be freezing at night or too hot during the day.


Proper ventilation is extremely important for coolers to last long. There are plenty of wine coolers out there that have built-in ventilation systems and that allows them to be placed anywhere around the house.


Then there are freestanding wine coolers that usually have ventilation systems on the front and the back or on the front and the sides.

Whatever cooler you may have, it is best to have at least two inches of free space on each side.

Spoiled wine tastes like vinegar and if you do not want that to happen to your collection then store it properly.


Final Thoughts

Investing in a wine cooler is a great idea. You can store more bottles and have a drink at your convenience. Storing them is also not a big deal. You can make it a center of attraction or just place it in the corner. It will look good either way but do follow the guidance and measures we talked about regarding storing your wine cooler so that your wine and cooler last longer.