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When you realize you have guests coming to stay during festivities or when you need seating in the box room/spare room/playroom that will double as a bed for sleepovers, it’s an excellent time to buy a sofa bed. The sofa bed should be a lot more than that.

The spare bedrooms are now being used as multi-purpose spaces, with home offices springing up around the country. You may need more sleeping space downstairs if you have family who comes to stay as part of your social bubble. The spare bedroom is now my home office, and I need it to function as the guest room, so cue sofa bed. It’s time to cue snug for watching trashy TV.

The mattress size is essential. The dimensions of a three-seater sofa bed don’t necessarily mean the mattress will be significant, so make sure you are happy with them. A small double is not entirely comfortable for two. Comfort as a seat will probably be the deciding factor if you are looking for a design to sleep guests only now and then. Because of the pull-out or folding mechanisms for the mattress, a sofa bed will usually feel more firm to sit on.


Click-Clack sofa beds

The click-clack sofa bed is a popular option for those who would prefer a simple mechanism. This style of bed frame is easy to change from couch to bed in a matter of minutes. Unlike fold-out sofa beds, it does not have a separate mattress for sleeping, and the back cushion of the sofa serves as the sleeping space. The structure needs to be lifted under the seating cushions. Drop the backdown, and you can create a recliner position if you want to relax for movie nights or read a book.


Corner sofa bed / L-shaped sofa bed

If you don’t have enough space, the corner sofa bed is a great solution. It allows for more floor space because it is more versatile, and ergonomics are better. You can choose between a right-hand or left-hand long side and a short side if you want it to be armless, or you can opt for a chaise style.

2-seater sofa bed

If you don’t want something too big in your living space but still want a good night’s sleep, the two-seater sofa bed is an excellent compromise. These sofa beds can be used in a studio apartment or as an additional piece of furniture in an ample space. A popular choice for buyers, there is a broader range of styles to choose from, with most available in different fabrics like leather or plush velvet.

3-seater sofa bed and double sofa beds

A couple or even three people can be accommodated comfortably in a double sofa bed or three-seater sofa bed such as Home Detail Sofa Beds Leather. There are double sofa beds that can be used as regular beds.


Sofa bed with storage

A sofa bed with storage makes an awesome 2-in-1 combo if you prefer a cluttered home. There are lots of sofa beds with hidden storage in the guise of drawers and compartments. Extra bedding, throws, cushions, and even kids’ toys can always be kept in these.


Pull-out sofa bed

The pull-out mechanism is found on most sofa beds.

The bed base can be pulled out from underneath the sofa cushions or unfold in three movements. The bottom of the two-fold sofa beds is pulled out from beneath the sofa cushions. The sofa beds are best for occasional use with a foam mattress on a springy webbing base.

You won’t have to worry about rearranging anything if you choose all of the options. Adding some bedding and pillows will make you sleep better.


The concealed sofa bed in a box

The ottoman-style bench box is the perfect place to hide the sofa bed in a box. With a pull-out mechanism, it gives you an extra bed without sacrificing space.


The key to good sofa beds is comfort. It must be comfortable as a sofa and bed. I’m confident that I’m not the only one who remembers uncomfortable nights sleeping on a fold-out with a metal bar in his back. It may seem natural to buy a sofa online with more of us shopping online. However, before you type in your credit card details, it’s worth testing the couch out for comfort and quality in-store. You’ll regret buying a sofa if the arms are too low or the cushions are too firm. It’s a good idea to spend time trying different sofas as you might be surprised by what you find.


If you want to compare and contrast price and quality, try out the sofas in several stores. There are reviews of the best and worst sofa shops to find out where to buy a couch.