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Hiring a renovation contractor may be a daunting task. After all, it can sometimes appear that there are as many choices as there are horror tales. But there are professional contractors out there with the skills to help. So, the question is, how can you sift through everything to get the best fit for the project?


We are here to assist you if you are about to embark on a major remodeling project. We’ve compiled a list of remodelling contractor hiring tips to assist you confirm the project is a pleasant event from the start to finish.



1. Complete Your Homework


For the remodel, you’ll need a clear vision of whatever you wish the final result to be, as well as a realistic budget of how much money you’re willing to spend. Consider making a list of all the things you do (and don’t) want to see in your finished project.  You’ll have given this entire remodel thought for an extended period of time.  Writing things down will be helpful, trust me.


Budgeting is critical.  No matter how great the end result looks, you will be unhappy if you have extended yourself beyond your means/budget.  Some contractors even have accounting software for general contractors that will offer help with budgeting and can help you fine tune project details and costs.  And remember to ask for proper insurances and if required in your area,  also look for these people who are accredited.


2. Conduct Multiple Contractor Interviews


After you’ve found one or two contractors who appear to be capable of doing the job, you’ll want to interview them. Inquire whether they have ever taken on a project of this size before, if they’re confident in their ability to obtain the important permits for this job, & how long they expect the project to take.


Their answers and how they handle themselves during your interview process should be a good indication of their professionalism. Because contractors will frequently enter your home, you should select someone with whom you feel comfortable and who appears able to complete all aspects of the job.


3. Obtain Estimates


An important part of the interview process, once you have whittled your choices to just a couple, is the estimate. The quote should include the estimated number of labor hours (or days)  as well as the whole price of products and labor for the remodel.


Remember that the cheapest option is not always the best option. Do your research on how much a remodel like yours will typically cost. Take into account factors such as experience & the materials you have chosen for the job.  A higher upfront cost is sometimes worth it if your chosen contractor can complete your job in the time frame you need.


4.  Document it in writing


Once you’ve decided on the contractor who you believe is the great fit for the job, be sure to put the terms of the job in writing. This contract should include items such as a payment schedule and the procedure for generating changes to the new project duration. If time is of the essence it should be noted.  Also, be sure you understand how the contractor will handle product shipping delays or errors and issues that need to be resolved after the job is complete.  Both parties should sign it as well.


Though no one wants to think about a  terrible outcome, getting an approved contract will provide you with legal recourse if something goes wrong during your remodel. Remember that real professionals understand that having the terms in writing will protect you both.


5.  Be adaptable up to a point


Regrettably, renovation can never be a precise science. Even the best contractors may encounter unexpected difficulties when they open up walls, or inclement weather may stymie rapid progress. Homeowners should allow for some wiggle room in terms of the budget & timeline.


Having said that, there will be a limit. If the person you hired keeps putting your project on hold for other endeavours or racking up charges that don’t make sense, don’t be afraid to speak up and discuss these issues in detail as they arise.


Selecting a good contractor will take some time and effort on your part, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. We hope these remodeling contractor hiring tips help you make a proper decision.


6.  Meet in Person


A good contractor needs to satisfactorily answer your questions and put you at ease. We believe it is critical that you two communicate effectively because the person will likely spend a good deal of time on your project and in your home.  Before hiring a contractor, check with your state’s consumer affairs department and/or your area’s Better Business Bureau to ensure they don’t have a history of unresolved disputes with clients or subcontractors.