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It’s everybody’s dream! Everybody wants to have their own house. And you know you do, too. It’s something that everybody’s proud of achieving. The feeling of independence, of having your own private space, it is one of those goals that are very worthwhile striving. It makes you proud of yourself!


Now there will be some things that you want to have in a house, something that’s personal or special to you. And that’s a great sign because your feelings of fulfillment will be what matters most after all.


But there’s a catch. What will strengthen your decision more is to seriously consider very significant factors that will benefit you in the long run and ultimately help you choose the right house for you. Take a look at these 4 things you must consider when buying a home.


1. Seek Trusted Expertise!

Unless you have legal expertise in the real estate business, it’s best to seek guidance from someone who knows best, and it must be a real estate broker or a sales agent. It’s a good idea to ask friends who might personally know a very trusted real estate specialist.


You will need an expert’s point of view that will also protect your interests. They will be the ones who will guide you from the start to the end, from finding New homes for sale, discussing payment options, until the time when you finally decide to purchase a particular house.


Just like when a sick person needs a doctor or a student who needs a mentor, you will be thanking yourself for seeking an expert’s consultation from a trusted real estate person. And lastly, never be afraid of asking too many questions.


2. Look For The Budget Friendly!

This one is realistic and essential! Being conscious of your buying power will help you in your decision making. It can’t be helped. There will be instances that you’ll fall in love with some houses that are on sale, only to find out that it’s out of your safety net.


Although this might be true, asking for financial advice from your chosen real estate expert may increase the chances of you being able to afford the house’s downpayment and other expenses. Below are five practical tips that could pave the way for your financial capacity in buying a home.


  1. Save up for down payment
  2. Discuss options for down payment & mortgage
  3. Compare mortgage rates
  4. Get a loan pre-approval
  5. Get a mortgage broker


3. Location & Neighbors!

Your environment is everything. Two significant factors you must consider are the location and the neighborhood. When both of these go your way, then you will have long term leisure living and peace of mind.


It’s ideal for inspecting the map of the area and checking if the location is close to supermarkets, malls, churches, schools, etc. By doing so, you can save up lots of time for other activities with your family and friends.


Another thing to consider is the neighborhood. Consider searching for reviews regarding the area. Is the crime rate alarming, or is there persistent crime going on? Are your soon-to-be neighbors a bunch of noisy individuals? It is best to take these things into account because your environment has a significant effect on your peace of mind.


4. Check The House!

The most exciting part, checking the place! After you have sought advice from an expert and discussed financial terms with the choice of houses you have on your list, it’s time for judgment day.


You must check everything! During the house inspection, checking the rooms and the overall area in the house will further assist your feelings about finalizing the house of your choice. Below are common areas that you must consider “triple-checking”:

1.    Bedroom – It’s a good idea to consider how many bedrooms you need at present and for the future. Check if you prefer a wide space because this will be a personal area for you and your family.

2.    Bathroom – A good bathroom must have proper ventilation. It’s also important to check if basic bathroom structures are present.

3.    Dining room – It is good to check the window size in the dining room, good sunlight and enough air breeze gives a good ambiance during meal times.

4.    Living room – A good criterion for a living room is if it can fit 6 – 10 people comfortably.

5.    Kitchen – If cooking is your hobby, check if it has ample space for other kitchen appliances. It is preferable if it has fair-sized storage and workplaces.

6.    Lawn – If there is a lawn and you prefer wide green spaces, always consider to check if the soil is healthy. You want to maintain that relaxing green view in the long run.

7.    Porch – A nice porch should have space for flower pots, a small table, and few chairs. This area can be a relief for stress while watching the green view of the lawn.



It will take a lot of time, a lot of discussions, a lot of mental arguments and many other things to consider before you can finally decide. It may take weeks, months, or years of decision making, and it‘s okay. Always remember that the two deciding factors of it all is your feelings of genuine fulfillment and satisfaction.