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The housing market is looking robust, and you have your heart set on a bigger home, just up the road.  The challenge is selling your house first.  It is possible, with the right advice and expertise, to dress a house for sale.  Home staging tips will help you showcase your home’s strengths and hide the weaknesses – to help the house put in a performance – and make it irresistible to potential buyers.  Although this might sound like merely making a house look good, you are doing more than this.  With home staging, you are actively seeking a positive emotional response in the buyer.

Who are your buyers?

To be able to provoke a reaction in the market, you need to know who they are.  You need to understand your target audience.  If they are a young family, then you could put a trampoline in the yard and maybe a paddling pool; perhaps even get the BBQ out?  If they are from the city and think they want the rural life, buy a cart full of fresh veg and leave it in plain view, with fresh eggs from the chickens.

Ask an estate agent for advice about the most likely people to come to view your home.  It might not be someone like you anymore.  The housing market moves on, and buyers change.  Therefore, check-in for advice about the target audience and adapt your home to suit these people.


You don’t want your home to look sanitized.  However, you equally do not want it to look small because there is so much stuff everywhere.  Leave it looking like a home, but a home where no one does much active living.   So, clear out and box up all your scattered around possessions and leave the image of an idyllic life of a couple, young family or retired couple.

Your biggest challenge will be children’s toys if you have a young family of your own.  You may want to restrict children to two or three favourites that are easy to gather up quickly in the event of a house viewing.  The rest of the toys could be stored away, just for the period while you are inviting buyers into your home.


First impressions will come from bigger areas.  Therefore, you need to clean the carpets and dab paint on the walls that might have been splashed with mud.  You should also wash the windows.  Light is nature’s paintbrush.  Artists understand that the dance of light in a room can evoke an emotional response.  However, if your room is super dark, cluttered or dirty, then your rooms will look small and lacking in life.

Bright and clean are the two most important words to impress the buyer when they first enter the home.


You then you need to demonstrate how you use those odd little spaces around the home.  It might be that you have a utility cupboard that is too small for your washing machine, never mind the dryer, dishwasher and extra freezer.  Instead, you turn it into a walk-in pantry, with cute fixtures and fittings: odd little cupboard space turned into something desirable.

Although you want to embrace tidy and minimalist, you do not want to sanitize your home.  If you ask real estate agents, they will tell you how difficult it is to sell an empty house.  The bare rooms are uninspiring, and it takes too much imagination on the part of the buyer to place their possessions on this blank template.  Therefore, tidy is good but leave some lived in touches that will make the buyer aspire to the same.  This can be simpler than you imagine.  It can be as easy as throwing some squishy cushions on your bed, so the buyer can imagine sinking into the comfort.  Remember how tiring it is house hunting?  Your super-comfy bed could inspire a thousand on the price they offer.

Home staging in short

So, home staging is mostly showing off the strengths of your home.  You are casually hiding the odd mishap and concern as best as possible and accentuating the many positives.  Remember, two things 1) You are opening your home to strangers and, 2) you are expecting them to offer hundreds of thousands of pounds on your home.  You will need to impress them.  Home staging is more than just hiding the dirty clothes; it is about emphasising the lifestyle the buyer is looking to live.