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9 removals, 157 boxes (felt: 8000), and as many dismantling and reassembling of Swedish wardrobes. Nothing to do, you are always adept at the last minute and start your boxes at 3am on D-day. We give you everything you need to know to become a moving pro.

You too have repeated to yourself “Don’t worry, it’s going to be fine” with the stubborn optimism of a Swiss cuckoo clock a few days before moving. Finally, you ended up stuffing your pumps with the iron and a bag of frozen peas, while your friends, who had been requisitioned for the occasion, were losing patience. To live this experience without stress, it’s best to prepare your moving well.

Taking care of the paperwork before the move


  • Connecting your liveboxor modem is not enough to have internet

Tell your operator/service carrier the date of your move ten days in advance so that he can transfer your line. If you change your subscription or carrier, you must cancel your contract and take out your new package within the same timeframe… and pray that there are no bugs on the D-day (spoiler: there will be).

  • Report and announce your new address

To your employer, your bank, your telephone operator, your post office, health and car insurance, and all the public services: taxes, social security, gas and electric…

Also announce your new address to your close family and friends with the help of different media, moving address cards, mail, postcards etc.


Planning and scheduling your move


  • The cheaper the move, the longer it takes…

Going round the supermarkets to pick up boxes, calling all your contacts to find volunteer movers, checking their availability and then changing the moving date 4 times (at least)… Difficult to fit into your professional, family, social and love life. It is more economical to use professionals.

  • Your friends don’t know how to pack

When you offer them a “Cartons & Chardonnay” theme evening, they focus mainly on the chardonnay. Mothers are usually better at packing boxes.

  • Moving is exhausting

Even if you don’t carry your grand piano by yourself, you’ll be on your kneecaps. Some employers give their employees moving leave: check with the works council or human resources people. And if not: take at least three days off.


Clear your head before you move


  • You don’t really need your stack of magazines dated 2003…

Or two hairdryers. At least a few weeks before the move, sort, throw away, organize a flea market or yard sale at your home, the clothes on collective locker room and give away the furniture you no longer like.

  • You can’t fit everything into your new flat.

The lowest cost solution: your parents’ attic. If they live 1,000 miles away, there’s self-storage. Make a price comparison before booking your storage unit to find the cheapest one.

Organizing your boxes to make moving easier


  • Books are heavy

Piling up as many items as possible in large boxes to make fewer trips may not be a good idea. Put the books in small boxes and keep the king size boxes for lighter items. It’s economical to collect the boxes from local stores that are done using them, but not reliable. Order your boxes from specialists to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Crockery is fragile

To avoid having to put your plates back together with glue in a puzzle way, remember that bubble wrap is available. You can find bubble wrap in any DIY store for about 5 dollars per 10 meters. (Depending on where you live)

  • Plants too

The survival time of your plants between a herd of cardboard boxes and a rusty apartment bike is about five minutes. To prolong their existence, have them travel separately.

  • Storing a truck is more technical than Candy Crush.

To prevent the inside of the truck from looking like a battlefield, start by storing the heaviest furniture and boxes in the back. Tie them up with straps and fill in the gaps with the lightest.


Anticipate your move


  • Your studio doesn’t fit in the Smart

The volume to be moved corresponds to half of the surface area in m² (e.g. 15m³ for a 30m² studio). Not useless information to choose the vehicle.


  • Cats are attached to their territory

Your feline is also sensitive to restlessness and changes of location and landmarks.

If possible, take him to his new territory before you move in so he can get his bearings. Some ethnologist recommend entrusting him to someone he knows and picking him up after moving into the new apartment.

  • A refrigerator needs to be defrosted

Remember to gradually empty your refrigerator and unplug it 48 hours before the big day. This will save you from spending 2 hours defrosting it with a hair dryer. (Unless of course you have a frost-free version)

  • The cupboard doesn’t fit through the door!

A few days before the move, dismantle large pieces of furniture, remove pictures and wall lights from the walls and hang them from the ceiling. Repaint or sponge for the deposit. Not sure if a large piece will fit throught the door.  Now is the time to measure. Not on moving day!

  • A piece of furniture that can be dismantled cannot be put back together…

In any case not without an assembly manual, to be found and printed on the site of a Swedish giant for example. At least take photos and notes of the dismantling steps and keep the screws in a small bag to be taped to the furniture and above all, never believe your friend who says “Don’t worry, I have the same one at home, I’ll bring it back to you with my eyes closed.”He’s lying.

Things to know on D-Day


  • Provide parking space

Check that the truck can park in front of the two apartments between which you commute. Ask a friend to lie down between two parking spaces a few minutes before the arrival of the vehicle.


  • Neighbors are likely to

Especially when you’re dragging Norman buffets on the floor at 7:30 on a Saturday morning and hogging the elevator. To save time and olive cake points at the next Neighbours’ Day, leave a note prominently displayed on the door of the building.

  • 6:00 p.m., it’s time for traffic jams…

Especially on Friday nights. To keep your calm and your volunteer friends, avoid rush hour.


So this way you can reduce a hefty amount of hassle when moving. Good luck on your next move.