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There is nothing better than having a nice warm shower at the end of the day or in the morning to waken us from our sleep. Then there is the aesthetics of our bathrooms. Bathrooms are no longer just a functional place, in fact they have become one of the most important rooms of our home and when it comes to resale value, a well designed streamlined bathroom does make an impact. So, when we are shopping for a new shower head, what do we have to keep in mind? Read more about water filters and the best ones through www.toptenwater.com.

  • Aesthetic appeal is important, it should fit with your current decor in terms of colour and style and in fact you can make quite a statement with a shower head with some of the fabulous designs that are on the market.
  • A fixed head shower attaches to the wall of your shower cubicle and if this is the type of shower that you want to replace, then you simply unscrew the old head and screw in the new head.
  • A hand held shower head is the type that is screwed on to a hose and then sits on a hook. They are more flexible than the fixed head showers as they can be removed from the hook and used to clean items such as sports equipment or to spray across the shower when you are finished showering to remove any residue.
  • The flow rate is also a consideration when purchasing a new shower head. Flow rate is measured in gsi and will be quoted with each shower head. For those who are energy conscious, purchasing a shower with a low flow rate can save on gas and electricity. Low flow rate showers can work well if you have low water pressure as due to their mechanism, it can give the impression of a shower with a higher flow rate.
  • A rainfall shower head is an extremely popular choice at the moment. They come in a variety of sizes and will be circular, square or rectangular. As the name suggests, the showering experience feels like rainfall on top of your head. It is a very gentle, soothing experience. Rainfall shower heads can be wall mounted but it can be a better experience for the user if they are ceiling mounted.
  • You can also choose to have a two shower head system which can offer different flow patterns, so for example you can have the rainfall shower head and another shower head attached for a different showering experience. It allows you then to have the choice of showering experiences according to your mood.

So, whatever shower head you choose, it must fit in with your existing structure or you must plan for new fittings. You cannot use a hand held shower option on a fixed head shower. Look for shower heads that will be easy to install. Shower heads come with, as we have mentioned, a rainfall option but also pulsating, massage and vibration options.