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There’s nothing worse than having trouble sleeping. You get cranky, your body will start to feel sore, you get more annoyed by the hour. Don’t underestimate sleep problems as they can have major complications for you and your health. As much as possible, you need a long and good quality sleep every night.


If you want to stay healthy and happy, it’s not enough to get eight hours of sleep a night. You should focus on getting deeper and uninterrupted sleep. Sadly, not everyone has the capacity to sleep through the night without any worries. In fact, it’s fairly common for people to have sleep problems.


You’re not alone with your sleep problems. Countless people worldwide have trouble sleeping. The good news is that there are more ways than one to actually sleep easy when you need to. Here are 4 top tips that will help you sleep tighter.


Begin Sleeping On A Schedule

One of the best ways to get yourself to start sleeping better is to simply acclimate your body to sleep on a schedule. This might sound tough especially if you’ve tried doing it before. With the right guidance, however, you can easily put your body on a good sleep cycle.


The first thing you should do is think about what time you want to sleep. Put your mind to it and then clear out all of your chores for the night so that you don’t get disturbed. Don’t drink any alcohol or caffeine 2-3 hours before that schedule of yours. Don’t exercise within that time frame as well.


Head to bed at least 30 minutes before your schedule and try sleeping from there. If you are having trouble relaxing, try the 4-7-8 breathing technique that soldiers use. Inhale for four seconds, hold for six, and then exhale for eight seconds. Do this repeatedly.


This breathing technique is used to help soldiers relax and calm down in the field. Using the same principle, you can help lower your heart rate using the breathing technique which will then allow you to sleep easier during your determined sleep schedule.

Get Yourself Comfy In Bed

A lot of people make the mistake of heading to bed just to sleep immediately. This isn’t always effective as for you to sleep, your body will need to be as comfortable as possible first. Instead of forcing yourself to sleep, try to make yourself feel relaxed and calm.


A good way to do this is to sit in your bed and just read a book. If you have a bed frame with a comfy headrest like this one https://puffy.com/products/puffy-bed-frame, it will become easier to let your body prepare for a good night’s sleep. Reading will also help tire your eyes out.


Avoid watching TV or getting on any of your gadgets as this attracts blue light. Blue light is an invisible light emitted by electronic screens. Too much exposure to blue light will make it harder for you to fall asleep quicker. Do any other activity that doesn’t involve gadgets.


Of course, try not to do any activity that requires too much thinking. Writing in a journal, reading a book or a magazine, or even knitting are good ways to get comfortable before heading to bed.


Tire Yourself Out During The Day

This Should be very obvious by now but you need to tire yourself out during the day. If you want to fall asleep immediately during the night, then your body needs to be worked out throughout the day. A good way to do this is by exercising for a few hours long before your sleep.


A good routine to follow would be to jog during the morning and then to work out or lift weights in the evening after your work. This kind of routine will keep your muscles and your entire body exhausted and your brain will most likely force it to sleep and recuperate at night.


One thing to note is that you shouldn’t exercise a few hours before your sleep. Ideally, don’t do any exercises 2-3 hours before you go to bed. This is a crucial tip to consider because if you do, your body might feel more active – thus making sleeping even harder on your end.


It’s not necessary to go all out during your workout session. Just make sure that your body gets in a lot of work and you’ll be good.


Incorporating both workout sessions and a good sleep cycle will be beneficial for your body overall. Maintain this schedule for a long time and you’ll see major changes happen to your body and mind.


Create A Relaxing Environment

Make sure that your bedroom is a place that you can definitely feel comfortable in. By creating a stress-free environment inside your bedroom, it will be easier for you to sleep and relax at night. What can you do to make your room a safe haven during nighttime?


A good way to start is by investing in aromatics that can make your room more fragrant. Oil diffusers or automatic air fresheners are a good start. The scent of lavender is said to help people feel more relaxed, thus making it easier for them to sleep. You might want to try this scent out.


It’s completely up to you whether or not you want to sleep with the light on. However, we suggest sleeping in the dark. The light can strain your eyes and prevent you from going to sleep easier. If you want to, you can sleep with an eye mask on so that you don’t instantly wake up once the sun rises.


Incorporate everything that makes you feel comfortable inside your room. Doing this does wonder for promoting better sleep especially when you’re having trouble doing so.


Sleeping doesn’t have to be a major problem. With these tips, you’ll be able to have better quality sleep in no time. Most of the time, it’s really about how you condition yourself before nighttime. Hopefully, these tips provide you with everything that you need to make sleeping easier.