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Over recent years, condos have become one of the most popular properties to live in across the world, particularly Singapore. These high-rise buildings are a great way of housing numerous people and saving space in such a populated and busy city. Condos, formally known as condominiums, are a great option for first time buyers or someone who isn’t ready to buy a house just yet. Here are a few benefits to living in a condo.


Great design and layout

The first great benefit of living in a condo is that they come with gorgeous, modern interiors and a great layout. Although they can sometimes be quite small, condos usually offer a great and practical layout for the tenants, allowing them to make the most out the space.  Here’s one condo example. Sage is a beautifully designed condo situated in Tanglin, Singapore, with sleek and simple interior that tenants love. Condos also typically come with a kitted-out kitchen and bathroom set, saving you the hassle of fitting them in yourself.


Guaranteed safety and security

Condos offer a great sense of safety and security that many other properties do not. Most condos are usually equipped with surveillance cameras, security gates, a top-notch alarm system and even security guards. Living in a condo will give you peace of mind knowing that you, as well as all of your belongings, are safe. This is particularly great if you live alone or have very valuable belongings.


Great locations

Like previously mentioned, condos have become a popular property option across busy cities all over the world, as it means more people can live in urbanized areas without taking up more room. Condos offer great locations to tenants, which are usually within the city centre or just outside of the city.


Close to all facilities

Due to condos being located in such central areas, it means that tenants are never too far from all of the facilities that they need. This could include shops, schools, hospitals, and even bars and restaurants. This is highly beneficial, as tenants do not have to travel far to go about their daily lives. Another great facility that condos are typically located near is public transport, meaning tenants can get from one side of the city to another easily and quickly.


Less maintenance

It is a known fact that condos are less maintenance than most other properties that are available on the market. Like previously mentioned, their sometimes small but effective layouts mean that they are easy to keep clean and tidy. The modern interiors that come with condos also means that you won’t have to worry about updating or fixing up your condo if something goes wrong. This ultimately means it saves you stress, time and money.


Onsite amenities

Another fantastic benefit of condos is that they offer a lot of facilities and amenities to tenants who live there. The cost of using these amenities is even included in the rent that tenants pay to their landlord every month. The type of amenities that are typically offered in a condo can include an indoor gym, outdoor swimming pool and communal living/working space, but some condos can even offer a Jacuzzi or a cinema room to their tenants. Another added bonus is that you will save yourself a lot of money by using these on-site facilities, as you won’t have to pay to use them elsewhere.


Incredible views

These skyscraper buildings typically offer incredible views to their tenants. Seeing as many high-rise condos are typically situated in the centre of cities, those lucky tenants who live on floors close to the top of the building can enjoy breath-taking views of the whole city every day.


Lower utility and maintenance fees

When compared to the scale of other properties, condos are relatively small in size, but this does come with its advantages. Smaller space means that there is less consumption on things such as electricity, gas, and heating. Therefore, as a tenant you will end up paying less on utility bills than you typically would in another type of property. And like previously mentioned, the modern and up-to-date interiors of condos means you won’t need to spend money on refurbishing or redoing your condo.

More affordable

Overall, condos are typically more affordable than landed properties. When buying or renting a landed property in an urban area, you can find yourself paying large sums of money each month. Condos are normally well priced and the cost of living there fits into a lot of people’s budgets.


Sense of community

The last great benefit of living in a condo, is that it comes with its own community. Condo buildings often house a lot of people, meaning you have a lot of neighbors. This allows tenants to build a community within the building.