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Conventional wisdom may say that spring is the best time to put your house on the market, but there are advantages to selling in the fall, too. If you’re ready to move into a new home of your dreams, don’t let the cooler weather and shorter days deter from putting a For Sale sign in your yard. In fact, with fewer homes on the market, your home may get even more attention from potential home buyers this time of year.

While families may prefer to move in the spring and summer, before the start of the school year, Millennials and seniors are more open to moving in the fall before the holiday season and cold weather approach. Appealing to these potential home buyers while marketing your home could help you seal the deal.

What Millennials Want

Research from the National Association of Home Builders indicates that most Millennials want to live in a single-family home in the suburbs. In terms of home features, they are especially interested in a separate laundry room, Energy Star certifications and storage – including a linen closet, walk-in pantry and garage storage. If your home includes any of these features, be sure to include their pictures and descriptions in your listing. Also be sure to list any technology features in your home, which appeal to this younger generation of buyers.

With limited cash on hand, Millennials also seek less expensive, low-maintenance choices like a brightly painted front door, strings of garden lights, and landscaping that needs less watering and mowing, like succulent plants and larger patios.

Millennials are conducting their home searches online, so be sure your listing pictures tell your home’s story in the best possible light. Include separate pictures of the features that appeal to Millennials, such as your laundry room and linen closet.

Encourage Empty-Nesters to Take a Look

On the other hand, empty-nesters who may be looking to downsize will be attracted to homes with flexible spaces to accommodate their changing lifestyles. For example, you can stage a bedroom as an office or multimedia room.

Increasingly, empty-nesters are returning to the cities, leaving behind the larger house, yard maintenance and the lengthy commute to downtown offices. More of these buyers are looking for a townhouse or condo that is located near shopping, dining and entertainment. If your home falls in this category, be sure to also include lifestyle-friendly features that your development offers – such as swimming pools, fitness centers and media rooms – in your listing.