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If eyes are the windows of the soul, then windows themselves might be the eyes of the home. Maybe there is a better way to phrase it than that, but needless to say that windows are an essential feature of the house. Not only do they make a house a lot more attractive and add a lot of value to any home when they’re new functional windows, but they also help to keep the noise out while keeping the environment inside beautiful and comfortable. A good set of windows can save you a ton of money on your energy bills, allowing you to use less AC in the summers and less heat in the winters, which is a massive boon for Canadians.


Overall, however, everyone wants lovely windows that open and shut without issue, and that adds to the home. Though there are all kinds of people out there who might need new windows, and they don’t even know it. So, to help people out, here are a few simple ways you can tell that it’s time for new windows in your home in the form of window replacement.


5 Ways to Tell That You Need New Windows

1: The Wood is in Bad Shape

Unfortunately for people whose wood has chipped and cracked and rotted out, there’s no real way to replace the wood without replacing the windows entirely. The wood is the framing that holds the panes of glass. So as that wood starts to fail, the entire windows are going to fail ultimately. It’s only a matter of time until you go to open your windows up one day, and the base of the frame completely pulls away, and the glass starts to fall out. This problem is typically just from age, coupled with the fact that windows way back when didn’t have stronger materials like today.


2: Having Trouble Functioning

A lot of times when windows are acting stubborn, you will find that there’s just some old paint that’s gummed up in the tracks, or something else is stuck in there. However, windows that have trouble opening and closing, and especially windows that have difficulty staying open, are giving you a tell-tale sign that it’s time to consider a window replacement option. More likely than not, the wooden frames have swollen up in some places, contracted in others, and this process doesn’t just magically stop. It will lead to a lot more problems in the future if not replaced.


3: Cracks and Weak Spots

One of the biggest issues with older windows is that you will have hairline cracks running through the glass for a long time before they ultimately fail. You may also start noticing weaker spots in the glass. Look for places that look like they’re somehow stained or smudged, yet you can’t find anything there to clean off, usually a sign of the glass weakening, and this will ultimately fail, which is how you know it’s time to replace those windows.


4: Noise Getting Through

While windows aren’t necessarily soundproof, they still do a great job at muffling noises from the outside. If you can hear cars go by and trash trucks and birds chirping like they’re right in your living room, the odds are good that things didn’t used to be this way. You’re now dealing with a lot of gaps that are allowing those sound waves to penetrate straight into the home, and this is an issue you will want to solve.


5: Energy Costs Rising

Not only will noise get in when those gaps settle in, but the heat and air conditioning flow out. You will start to see that your energy costs are rising. Now, during the summer, you find yourself having to run the AC at night, where you could have left it off before. This is another problem that will continue to get worse before it is fixed.


When it’s time to replace those windows, the good news is that you have good options available to you, where professionals will come in and handle this business for you.





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