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Considering the ongoing global pandemic, people want to spend more time outside. This is unsurprising, as lockdowns have forced nations to stay at home. Many have found the backyard to be a savior during these times, and the desire to have one has increased. 


If you wish to increase the value of your property, whether you’re preparing for the market or you just want to invest in your home, landscaping can be a great way to start. An attractive garden to the front, back, or both immediately draws attention and brightens up a property. 


For a successful sale, consider first impressions; they count! A front yard is the first thing buyers will see, so it needs to be looking its best. Here are five landscaping tips to increase property value. 


Low maintenance is good

If you don’t have the time or the patience to put a lot of effort into your garden, you should still do the bare minimum. Mowing your lawn doesn’t take too much time or a professional eye. 


Defining the edges instantly makes a property appear well-kept, neat, and tidy. It also gives the idea that little maintenance is required, which is a positive for most buyers. An overgrown lawn gives the impression of high maintenance, and unless they’re a professional landscaper, potential buyers will scare easily. Weeding is important, and keeping flowers trimmed and tamed will help your property value.  


Do a general tidy up

No matter the size, style, and shape of your garden, regularly keeping the area tidy is a must when you wish to sell your property. Regular weeding, raking leaves, pruning in moderation, and keeping driveways and footpaths free from dirt and debris are all simple steps to continue the low maintenance effect. If done regularly, it can be easily kept on top of.  


Add lots of plants 

Plants not only look homely and inviting, they can also help to solve some privacy issues. If you don’t particularly like passers-by looking in on you while you relax, plants can help to shield some of the space. 


Hedges are a good choice to seal off openness. Potted plants come in different heights which can again help to block noisy neighbors. If you fall in love with the plants, you can take them with you to your next home.


Plants not only look good; they make people feel good. According to Plant Life Balance, air quality and wellbeing are two major benefits of plants, with just one plant providing 25% cleaner air.  


Make it pretty

Flowers are the number one way to brighten a home, both inside and out. The color, textures, and scent of different flowers in bloom are attractive to anybody. 


Adding flower pots is a quick and simple way to give your property an immediate lift. On a tactful note, a garden full of natural beauty can quickly draw eyes away from other less attractive features in your garden. However, don’t go too wild with species. Some plants and flowers are particularly high maintenance, and you don’t want to scare off potential buyers with a garden that requires full-time care. 


Maintain your swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, be sure to keep it in good condition and look its best at all times. You want to keep that clear sparkle all year round. 


A swimming pool is a very attractive feature, particularly for potential buyers with kids. If the buyer is bringing their kids, stage the pool with fun toys for the kids and a side table with a jug of lemon water and glasses for the parents. 


The process for selling a house can belong. Landscaping can be a good way to secure a sale as it adds value to your property. The backyard is an extension of the house and another space to be used and utilized. 


The time spent investing in your backyard in the meantime will nurture your wellbeing, switch on your creative side, and you may even find a new passion for gardening.