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Quality and comfort are homeowners’ priorities in building their homes. Whenever they search for a new residential property to live in with their family, they look for the best features that can suit their lifestyles. Looking at the bigger picture, there are a handful of reasons to consider building a new custom home instead of an existing property, as it gives way to more flexible planning and potential savings in the long run. However, building a custom home is a demanding project that requires the best in the field.

Fortunately, there are home building professionals that specialize in custom home building. They work with other industry pros in the fields of architecture and structural planning for example and together they can bring your custom home dream to life. While there may be many home builders around your area, you should select the best luxury home builders to consult with for your project.  While searching for one, here are some questions that you can ask before hiring this highly specialized service:

  1. Do you have a license? (Where licensing is required)

The first thing that you need to ask your luxury home builder is if they possess permits or licensing (where applicable) to operate in this field. Architects and engineers may also have licensing or accreditation for their areas of expertise. The custom home builder you choose should align himself with industry pros. It’s okay to ask about their partners and subcontractors experience. Here’s a list of some things you may want to look for. Keep in mind that different regions have different requirements for home builders, architects, engineers, electricians, contractors, etc.

  • A diploma or degree (bachelor’s to doctorate), possibly in a related field such as architecture, engineering or construction.
  • Certifications signed by the local board of builders in your region or country, if one exists. (There is, for example, not licensing requirements for home builders in New York State at this time)
  • Certifications from the committee of contractors (if there is one in your area), or possibly an allegiance with a local trade association that is dedicated to the home building and construction industry.
  • License and permit to operate approved by the local board of builders and/or designated government agency where required.

Keep in mind that real estate transactions are likely one of the largest legal transactions your will ever make.  Ask questions and be sure that someone is representing your best interests.

  1. What are your past experiences?

Great experiences from previous customers are a good sign of expertise and professionalism. Ask the company you’re looking to hire to provide their portfolio. Ask for a list of past clients. Contact them and ask about their experience with the home builder.  A custom home building company that has stayed in the business for many years is indicative of a good reputation and credibility within the industry.

Another question is to ask if they have previous luxury home building projects within your neighborhood or area. In achieving your dream home, your home builder should be aware of the local building codes and the municipality’s requirements. It is an advantage if your home builder is familiar with types of resources and utilities available in the area and if they have business relationship with local businesses that may be of interest to you such as, home security systems, landscaping companies, cable providers, etc.

  1. As my home builder, what will be your responsibilities?

Drawing a firm line regarding the responsibilities and limitations of your home builder is essential. Along with this, you should also be clear about your responsibilities and limitations as well. Through answering these questions, you’ll achieve a clear understanding of what services and responsibilities your luxury home builder can do for you.

The main role of a custom home builder is to stand as your partner throughout the building and designing process by helping you organize a realistic budget for the project, minimizing the costs of resources and manpower, and monitoring the design and construction process of the house. Their further roles and responsibilities are the following:

  • Key building systems are crucial in the starting process. Initially, your luxury home builder should have relationships with subcontractors that will be involved in the project. Your home builder makes sure that the subcontractors are coordinating with the design crew to integrate the key building systems into the design and structure of the house.
  • The home builder organizes all inspections, approvals, and the certificate of occupancy, which is a document issued by the local government that allows your property to be built due to appropriate compliance to building laws and codes.
  • Before building and installing materials, tools, and equipment, your home builder will check their quality.
  • The home builder will regulate various construction activities happening on the site, and should inform you of updates or any difficulties.
  • During and after the construction process, your home builder will check and review the whole project to see that the plan is thoroughly followed. They should immediately inform you of any shortcomings or deficiencies and have them fixed. Consequently, your builder will arrange for required inspections at intervals throughout the entire process in accordance with the codes and laws established in your area and issue a certificate of occupancy.
  • Upon completion, the home builder should explain everything about your home, including its mechanisms, maintenance, and special features so that you can maintain your home for many years to come.


Luxury home building can be quite expensive but partnering with the best in the field will help bring your dream home to life. By asking questions and doing your research you’ll find the home builder that’s the best fit for you. If you are looking for a professional in the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region of New York, you’ll find them at FindTheHomePros.com.