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Quick Response. That’s what the “QR” stands for. Those mysterious little black and white blocks seem to be popping up everywhere. On signs, coupons, in advertisements. They are touted as a way for you to get more information than what you currently see. (“See my ad! Now scan here and I’ll take you online to even more advertising!”)

You scan the QR Code with your Smartphone and your Internet connection whisks you to wherever that little black coded box directs you. I would argue the “quick” part of this, since scanning the box often takes multiple attempts, and although I love my Blackberry, I would not always classify the connection to the Internet as ‘quick’. Oh, and of course all of this assumes that everyone owns a Smartphone. Or perhaps they just don’t care about reaching those people not fortunate enough to afford one?

I will admit that I downloaded one of the dozens of free “QR reader” apps and scanned a dozen or so codes. I played with it like any new “toy”. What I got was a lot more advertising. (Although I did get a really great recipe when I scanned a code from a coupon! Of course – I’ll simply add it the hundreds of other recipes I have and never make, but it sounds yummy!)

QR codes have been widely used in other parts of the world for years but are ‘newer’ here in the United States. I am undecided about the value of ‘QR’ codes. Maybe it will grow on me. What do you think? Will you be scanning those codes every chance you get? Let us know!