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For most people looking to buy homeowners insurance, the main reason they’re buying one is that their mortgage lender requires them to do so. This makes it look like they are forced to buy one to get a home loan.


However, home insurance isn’t something you are forced to buy but something you need for your house. Of course, some lenders don’t require home insurance when lending a home loan and leave it to the borrowers to buy one at their discretion. However, some banks might require taking out an insurance for your home as one of the conditions of your mortgage.


If you opt out of home insurance, you’re taking a huge gamble. Just think about it: when something happens to your house, the expenses you’ll have to spend to fix it will be much bigger than the monthly premiums you pay for your home insurance. If you’re still not convinced, let’s talk about why you need home insurance right now.


Protection for Your House

The main reason why you should buy home insurance is to protect your home and your financial life. Just imagine dealing with damages due to a fire or flooding. The repairs will be extensive, and there’s a possibility that it might be too much for you, and of course, you can’t live in a house that needs a lot of repairs.


If you don’t have the money for home insurance, you can opt to insure at least 80 to 90% of your house or you can look for home insurance quotes and find one that suits you. And don’t worry, most home insurance protects your house inside and out, so no matter where your house’s damages are, they are still covered.


Personal Valuables are Part of the Coverage

You’re mistaken if you think that home insurance only includes the structure itself. Most home insurance in the market includes personal valuables like gadgets, appliances, bikes, and even clothes.


Not only that, but sometimes, it also includes the valuables you have in your car (not the car itself because that’s another type of insurance), so in a situation where one or two of your valuables are stolen, your insurance provider will take care of that for you by paying for a replacement or a repair.


It Also Covers Personal Liability

Accidents can happen anywhere, and many of them happen inside our homes. It can happen to anyone, not just your family members but also your guests. We are liable for our guests, and if something happens to them, you will be responsible for taking care of them and paying for their treatment. That said, with home insurance, accidents and injuries are covered by your home insurance.


Protection for Detached Structures

Do you have a shed or a dog house in your backyard? If you don’t want to spend any money on fixing them, you can have home insurance pay that for you. Not only those, though, as it also includes garages, fences, and even a tree house if you have one.


Normally, detached structures like the given examples are supposed to be only 10% of your coverage limit for your main dwelling. Still, some policies allow you to customize your insurance to allow more money to be put into your detached structures.


Fire Protection

No, we’re not saying your home will be protected from fire if you have home insurance. Instead, we’re saying that if your home is damaged by fire or fire-related accidents, your home insurance will be willing to pay for the repairs. But fires can spread; what about your neighbors? Don’t worry because any fire-related liabilities are also covered by home insurance.


Protection Against Theft and Vandalism?

Are you in a bad neighborhood where vandalism and theft are common? Or are you just trying to cover yourself from these things? Well, with home insurance, your house will be protected from theft and vandalism. That said, if anything is missing from your home after a theft, your home insurance will be liable to get you a replacement. Or if anything just gets damaged or vandalized, your home insurance will also cover that for you.


Loss of Use

Should you be forced out of your home because of the repairs that your house needs after an unfortunate event, your home insurance will cover your hotel and food expenses up to a point by your insurance’s loss of use feature. Of course, they will also be paying for the repairs themselves, so you don’t have to worry much.


Final Words

The coverage can be extensive, especially if you buy great home insurance. However, expect to pay pricey premiums, and of course, if anything unfortunate happens, your monthly premiums will also get higher. But if you compare your premiums to the extensive repairs you might incur after any accident, manufactured or not, you’d thank the heavens you have insurance.