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You’ve seen the billboards advertising “new homes” every day. Purchasing one of these properties is your goal of the year. The very thought of owning a brand-new home is exciting. Everything is new and shiny. However, every potential buyer should be aware of both the advantages and drawbacks to a new-home purchase. Get to know these facts before jumping into a mortgage payment plan.

  1. Pick and Choose Amenity Locations and Quantities

A major advantage to a new home is personalizing the space. Choose where electrical outlets are located and how many are needed. The builder must stick with a certain plan, but these elements are always negotiable.

  1. Builder’s Grade Materials are the Norm

Don’t expect high-quality materials for the home’s construction. Most developers use builder’s grade items, such as basic wood cabinets. These items won’t often be changed unless requested because they’re built into the home’s original price.

  1. Home-Energy Efficiency is Optimal

New windows and possible solar-power installations are part of modern developments. Builders fill the home with brand-new insulation too. You’re left with a property that has the best in energy efficiency today.

  1. The Neighborhood Might be Far From Developed

You may be moved into the new home, but the development around you is still being built from the ground up. A bustling neighborhood with good friends nearby may not happen for several more years. Local markets may be far from the property too.

  1. No To-Do Projects on the Horizon

From the moment that you move into the new home, there are no projects to be completed around the property. Everything is new and set nicely into place. Many people see this advantage as the best one because household projects take both time and money.

  1. Builders’ Skills Will Vary

Don’t assume that any builder will be perfection on the job site. Research builders working in your area. Choose builders with solid track records. A low-quality job results in a home with many flaws.

A used home may not be perfect, but it’s probably had updates over the years that make up for many downfalls.

  1. Technology Built Into the Home

The latest technology, from entertainment centers to security devices, can be seamlessly integrated into the structure. Builders use the latest skills to make Wi-Fi, routers and other devices easier to use with fewer wires in full view.

  1. New Builds Come on Small Lots

New-home construction is typically completed within a development across many acres. Each home has an allotted space that’s usually small. If you want a home with ample acreage surrounding it, a used home will be the better plan.

Every buyer must make a personal decision when it comes to a new versus used home. There are pros and cons to consider, which might be dealt with by writing down all of your concerns. Add up these highlights and buy the home that suits your needs. You can mold the home into your own vision of perfection as the years go by.

Kim Harington is a content writer in Jacksonville, FL for DAGMAR Marketing. She specializes in writing for home builders, moving specialists, and HVAC companies.