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The chill of winter brings an onset of problems, from icy roads to condensation on your windows.

However, colder season can also present problems with the plumbing also. Some of these issues can be troublesome and cause a great deal of stress. For example, one broken water heater in Koreantown was able to cause a flurry of leaks throughout an apartment building, so finding a fix for plumbing issues in your own home will undoubtedly be in your best interests.

Here is a quick list of plumbing problems that can be caused by the winter months, and how to fix them.

Frozen Pipes

We all know pipes are important, because they circulate water through the home and allow things like taps and showerheads to work efficiently.

However, just like in any other environment, the water within these pipes can freeze when the temperature drops. This problem is incredibly common, with insures deluged by claims in 2014 to combat the issue quickly. If things are ignored here, then the chances of the pipe bursting and subsequently causing damage to your home greatly increases. Therefore, it’s important to be on top of things so that you don’t join the ranks of those plagued by this issue.

If you’re encountering this problem, or dreading its eventual arrival, then insulating your pipes should be enough to combat the cold. This should only be done in the areas where this no heating, such as crawl and attic spaces. Tubular foams or foil and fibreglass wraps will work wonders. Before applying them, give the pipes a clean if you can, just so that dirt and grime don’t interfere with how the materials fit around and stick to the surface.

Water Heater Complications

It’s vital that you have hot water when winter starts settling in.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be that the faults occur at the most inconvenient times, and water heaters breaking down in winter is an incredibly common issue. Much like the pipes, they can also bring on an onslaught of additional concerns if they’re left unattended, as they leak and cause further structural damage elsewhere. Once again, a quick fix is absolutely key.

It’s best to leave problems such as these to the professionals, as an expert in the field will work tirelessly to make sure everything is up to standard. We consulted bergauplumbing.com  for tips for this post. Finding an expert in the field in your area is so important. They can fix and replace your hot water heaters in no time, (or most any plumbing issue you have) sending professional plumbers to make quick work out of these issues. When in doubt, call the help.

Blocked Sinks

The winter season typically means spending more time at home, which means you’ll also be using all your faucets and sinks a great deal more.

Of course, the more something is used, the more chances there are for things to eventually go wrong. Blocked sinks can occur if you’re doing more cooking for example, as the drains will get clogged with things like fats, greased, and leftover food. It’s yucky for sure, and if you procrastinate these matters, a truly gross time will await you.

When sorting things out here, you should avoid harsh chemicals and favour simpler solutions instead. This is because you don’t want to risk damaging your plumbing with harsh substances. Hot water or some mild quantities of vinegar and baking soda should be enough to dislodge the smelly sludge and get things back to normal.