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Guest Writer – Rachel O’Conner

You know what they say: New Year, new you – and new home! Listed below are the beloved and much needed trends to brighten up your already beautiful space this year.

  1. Colors: Soft & Dusty to Muted Confidence

Ring in the new year with cheery yellows and pastel pinks in the areas of a home that bring in the most light. Think of powdery finishes of colors, such as lavender, canary, and the blush of Marie Antoinette. On the other hand, neutral and muted colors establish an incredible presence with taupe, grey, and navy blue.  These colors leave an interesting impression: they protrude confidence and effortless sophistication when existing as the non-distracting backdrop of a powerful workspace or office.

  1. The Texture of Furniture and Decorations

One texture in particular, velvet, has made a comeback over the years and has made itself a trend to stay. Velvet has been a much loved fabric as an accessory, but found its way into becoming a staple for prominent furniture, such as a couch or reading chair. Knitwear, in addition to velvet, has also weaved its way into acting as stand-alone piece in a home in the form of a vase or centerpiece. Think of Old-Hollywood mixed with cozy inspiration.

  1. Painted and Frosted Opaque Glass Doors

Painted doors have also found their way into contemporary homes as not only a welcoming point, but a unique statement! Instead of a classic wood, doors can be painted funky colors, such as green or seafoam blue, to represent individuality and a warm, inviting twist on the first impression of an entrance or exit. Opaque glass doors, on the other hand, add a luxurious but minimal touch that creates a surreal effect to both the eyes and touch. They can be found as the main door, or accessory doors to a bathroom or kitchen pantry.

  1. Cottage and Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

It isn’t a surprise that cozy nooks of light and superior, large windows with a view are a trend this year. Natural sunlight brightening up a room is much more relaxing than artificial light. Cottage windows are usually interiorized by desks, while floor-to-ceiling windows take inspiration from Japanese interior design to provide an open and transparent space through walkways and kitchens.

  1. Luxe Metal Finishes

Rose-gold and copper snuck up in fall last year as an alluring accent metal to accessorize door handles, mirror frames, and much more. You can even find rose-gold and copper as the main accent to jewelry this year as well! In terms of the home, luxe metal finishes add a traditional femininity that makes a space softer and enhances an atmosphere with laces of opulence.

Rachel O’Conner 
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