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Are you excited about moving to a new place but anxious about all the packing and relocation work? Use a moving company to have a professional move to your new home! Get rid of all the lengthy hours of packing up your belongings or begging your friend to help you and the aftermath, of course, where you get tired for days to follow.

Why Hire a Mover for You?


If you want to reduce the stress and time involved in moving, you can hire a professional mover. The added advantages of hiring movers are mentioned below.

●      Safer option

Rather than worrying about bulky items along with the need to hire moving vehicles on your own, you can get people to handle your delicate items and safely pack and unpack them for you. Additionally, you will be free of the potential losses or injuries you might get when trying to dismantle your furniture. Hiring moving companies is a safer option for you as you will not have to worry about the flights of stairs that you will have to walk or the narrow doors that you must break through to land your items safely.

●      Increased efficiency

As the professional movers are well versed in handling a variety of belongings, they will have a good knowledge of packing and unpacking your valuables at ease. On the contrary, if you try to pack all your things on your own, you might not be as efficient as the packers would be. Likewise, your time would be saved, and you can always focus on other important work rather than invest days in the transfer.

●      Insurance coverage

Moving companies offer insurance depending on the materials. If any unforeseen mishaps occur, the assurance will lead to financial protection, which would not be possible if you were on your own. This can lead to reduced stress of evacuating, unpacking, and transportation as you get reimbursed for the losses that happen during the process of shifting to a new site.

But when choosing the option of hiring movers, beware of the potential scammers and research well before choosing the right one for you. Hiring movers can be expensive, but it will definitely be worth all the effort, stress, inconvenience, and physical strain that you have to go through when you are thinking about moving on your own.


Types of moving companies


So, once you’ve made up your mind to hire a professional, think about the type of company you would like to hire. There are almost seven types of relocation companies which work distinctly based on the distance to be covered, the type of belonging that you possess, and the kind of a move that you want to do. Here is a list of types of moving companies to choose from based on your preference.

a.    Residential movers

These movers specialize in moving household belongings and will take special care of your loved possessions from apartments, condos, or your sold houses. They do all the work of furniture dismantling, packing, loading and also fragile packing. Not only do they pack stuff for you, but they help you create a homely space in your new place by unpacking, assembling, and storing the items.

b.   Commercial movers

Unlike residential moving companies, these movers help in shifting your offices or your warehouses only to the new designated area. With these movers, you get professional assistance and assurance for the safe movement of office items like desks, cabinets, and chairs and ensure that the business does not incur business losses from mishandling of office equipment that could happen when done on your own.

c.    Local movers

Companies that offer services within some radius of miles or a defined region or cities in the country are local movers and can be called intrastate movers or in-state movers. Generally, they charge on an hourly basis, and the number of people on the moving team determines your moving cost in local areas. Regardless of the type of movement that you want, these movers are a faster and cheaper solution to your short-distance relocation needs.

d.   Long-distance movers

In contrast to the local movers, these moving companies work to go beyond 100 miles and serve you regardless of the state that you wish to move. They are well aware of all the state-specific requirements that need to be met by the moving company and have the skill to handle any challenge that comes by when traveling a long distance.

e.    International movers

Use international movers if you wish to take your belongings abroad, and international movers will help you deal with all the formalities like customs obligations, insurance, and related paperwork, whether you wish to transport things by sea or air. In this case, your cost of transport depends on the mode of transportation that will be either sea or air, the distance to be covered, and the volume of shipments that need to be shifted.

f.      Specialty moving companies

As the name suggests, these companies specialize in moving items that are fragile or even heavy and those that are worthy with great care. You can hire specialty moving companies if you have items that are difficult to transport as well like valuable antique pieces of your possession, heavy furniture, and appliances.

g.   Vehicle transport companies

 If you want to take your beloved car with you to a new location but can’t drive it all the way, then you can hire trusty movers from auto-transportation companies that ship your car to your preferred destination with ease. But check your car in advance of shipment and ensure that the battery is in good condition, the tires are inflated, and no leaks persist.


Know The Moving Process

Once you have figured out the type of moving company you want to hire, understand their moving process so that you can have a smooth transition.

Step 1: Research

Look for the type of movers that you wish to have and contact them to understand their service and quotations. You can consider customer reviews of those companies or you could also ask your friends and families to suggest one for you. During the research process, do not forget to ensure that they have acquired the necessary training and verify the credentials of companies, which may include their license, any relevant insurance, or required certifications and permissions, and abide by the laws of the state and local areas.

Step 2: Compare quotes

After you collect all the information, compare the quotations provided to you and choose the price and service that suits your needs. The quotes may differ depending on the size of your weights, the distance between the place of current residence and the relocation area, service that you would like to take, which could be either just transportation or the whole process of packing and unpacking things for you.

Step 3: Booking and confirmation

Once you have made the comparison and decided, book the moving companies in advance and confirm the date, services, and location of your existing site and relocation to avoid confusion with shifting movements.

Step 4: Pack and Unpack

Once you have scheduled the date of relocation, your job is to wait for the movers to arrive. They will help you pack your belongings, transport them, and unpack them at the new location.



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