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Your living room is the active place of your home. It is the first point of contact between visitors and your home. You need to pay attention to your designs, especially when creating a modern living room. It is usually uncomfortable working around the living room for a long time before finding a good position.

Modern living rooms are many families’ specs, and your interest in this league is understandable. Hence, we have compiled nine amazing living room decor ideas that would improve your lifestyle.

Do you know you can turn your house into your palace? All you ever need is the creative design inspiration. Meanwhile, creativity is vital as you do not need to break the bank before coming up with beauty. You can choose any design listed below and purchase less expensive materials to create a similar or exact one.


1. Shabby Chic Wall Art

Shabby chic wall arts are the first design you should consider if you want a modern living room. They come in various designs and colors, giving you several varieties. Hence, your choice is not limited, as you can choose anyone that best suits your lifestyle.

Shabby chic wall arts are perfect and have beautiful interior designs. They give antique and modern decor inspiration. If you are looking for vintage with several patterned designs, shabby chic wall arts have lots of them. Hence, here is a list of many available decors you can choose from:


2. Floral wall art

This is creativity at its peak.

Floral wall art is a modern replacement for random paintings or pictures. It comes in vintage designs and classic styles. It is easy to fix, as all you need is to hang it on the most visible wall of your living room.

Also, your floral wall art may focus on a flowered pattern or arrangement. You can choose to go with any of the following.

  • Vintage roses
  • Aromantique
  • Seedpod
  • Cottage bouquet
  • Parisian flowers
  • Romantic pink roses
  • Vintage roses


3. Peacock wall art

Peacock is one of the most colorful and beautiful birds and you can bring this beauty into your space with peacock wall arts to express your personality. Modern living room designs involve relating with your visitors as much as possible, and here is a strategy to explore. This wall art option will add a colorful layout to your space, add elegance, offer a touch of nature, and create a unique atmosphere.

4. Beautiful wall canvas

With wall canvas, you can decide to go with nature perspectives. The modern living room should be warm and calm, with no noisy decor. Wall canvas is another way to produce a modern look. If you are going for hand-made paintings, make sure you choose an antique design.

5. Wall medallion

Today, various wall medallion designs beautify the home, especially when creating a modern living room. In most cases, a medallion may appear worn out, but it is just a design. When you choose a warm color, you give your living room the perfect color blend and top-notch decor.


6. Decorative wall panel

When decorating your modern living room, make sure you have a color theme. Then, choose a decorative wall panel that relates to the theme. It ensures you create a unique design that does not contradict one another.

Shabby chic wall arts are becoming popular recently due to their antique look. The feeling of old yet modern design is appealing. More so, it creates room for creativity and uniqueness and not regularity.

Asides from your wall arts, there are other things you must consider when decorating a modern living room to improve your lifestyle.


7. Create a Luxury Touch

Your modern living room design is incomplete without a luxury touch. Luxury speaks classic and gives the perfect and standard lifestyle you want. If you used the decors mentioned above, you will create the kind of luxury you want. Luxury may not be expensive, but it should have a glamorous touch and inspiration for a better future.


8. Transparent Windows and Doors

Here is the real deal of a modern living room. Also, a transparent wall can help you connect to the visual space outside. You can see everything around you and decide the next comfortable moments by merely looking at your walls. You can design your transparent wall edges with dark frames. It is mature and outstanding.

9. Bold and Monochrome Color

Here is another secret to creating a modern living room. Using a bold and monotone color makes it easier to communicate with nature through the transparent walls. Also, you can choose a white-colored wood to give you a cozy feeling.



You do not need an interior decorator to have the most luxurious feeling you ever desired. While choosing your designs, make sure to pay attention to details. You may not be a decorating professional, but your choice of combination matters.

Does your lighting blend with your colors, including the wall arts? Yes, it should. Generally, your living room elements are the determinants of your home luxury. Choose a design today, and create your dreamed living room.