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When it comes to backyard renovation, contractors usually use mini excavators for digging garden ponds or swimming pools, making small trenches, demolishing small structures, plowing snow, landscaping work, and repairing sewer lines. Excavators should be properly inspected and maintained to improve the efficiency of any construction project to save money in the long run.

Since more and more homeowners are renting equipment to try their hand at this type of work for their backyard projects, we thought we’d share this information with you.  In this post, you’ll learn some helpful mini excavator track inspection tips to keep your mini excavator in good condition to work on a backyard renovation project.

 Inspect Your Mini Excavator Tracks Daily 

Any construction job is highly dependent on compact equipment. Using mini excavator rubber tracks makes renovation jobs a lot easier and faster. This is because rubber tracks provide more traction than steel tracks. But you have to make sure that your equipment is functioning correctly to avoid delays or downtime. Never neglect equipment inspection and maintenance of your mini excavator.

Daily inspections should therefore be carried out. Regular examinations must include the following:

  • Inspect the final drive brake assembly to support and promote operator safety. Replace worn out brake assembly as necessary.
  • Clean the undercarriage of your mini excavator to extend its life span.
  • Use the correct filters, coolant, and fluids according to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid any engine problem and unnecessary repair costs.
  • Reduce wear-and-tear on battery by inspecting it regularly. Disconnect the battery on non-working seasons to preserve its life.

Evaluate the Overall Condition of Your Mini Excavator

Evaluate the overall condition of your mini excavator and take the necessary steps to protect your equipment to maintain its optimal performance.

Here are some tips and tricks when inspecting your mini excavator:

  • Clean out debris and dirt from the mini excavator tracks.
  • Ensure and maintain proper track tension in any terrain.
  • Make sure that tracks are aligned correctly.
  • Assess bushings and tracks for signs of wear.
  • Inspect tracks for holes or cuts in the rubber.
  • Repair or replace any defective parts.

 Equip Your Mini Excavator with Rubber Tracks

By equipping your mini excavator with rubber tracks, you’ll gain the advantage of greater versatility. While steel tracks are still more durable than rubber tracks, installing high-quality tracks can help withstand the demands of using your mini excavator every day, thus optimizing performance and durability.

Here are the advantages of using rubber tracks:

  • Rubber tracks have better traction than steel tracks for most surfaces or terrain because rubber tends to have higher intrinsic friction, so it melds with uneven surfaces, which increases the overall surface area it could cover.
  • Rubber tracks have the advantage on smooth and dry surfaces because rubber is more flexible. The texture and make of rubber conforms to smooth and dry surfaces.
  • Rubber tracks operate over asphalt and concrete without getting worn out or damaged. Steel tracks are harder and heavier, so they are more difficult to maneuver which leads to a slower backyard renovation operation. Steel tracks are recommended for heavy-duty construction projects, like commercial building construction. A rubber track mini excavator is already enough to handle a backyard renovation project.
  • A mini excavator rubber track can access job sites like existing pavement or finished landscaping.
  • Rubber tracks conform and flex to the terrain.

Inspection and Maintenance Tips for Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

Rubber track loaders are widely available and more commonly used in backyard renovation. On one hand, rubber tracks are more versatile, while steel tracks require more maintenance. Unlike steel tracks, however, rubber tracks can be dissolved in chemicals or get damaged due to sharp objects found on the job site. Also, grease and oil can damage rubber tracks.

Rubber tracks are suitable for the finishing stages of a major construction project, while steel tracks are typically used for tough terrains. That’s why you need to make sure that chemicals, oil, grease, and sharp objects clear the way of your mini excavator equipped with rubber tracks. By investing in high-quality rubber tracks, you’ll have a more durable and efficient mini excavator for your renovation projects.

 Inspection and Maintenance Tips for Steel Steel Tracks for Mini Excavators

Choosing between rubber tracks or steel tracks for your mini excavator entirely depends on the type of construction work or project you usually do. If you’re always working around with mud, jagged rocks, and thick brush, then it’s best to use steel tracks. Remember that steel track loaders are more expensive than rubber tracks but possess greater durability for tough excavation jobs.

Here are some inspection and maintenance tips for steel tracks:

  • Adjust steel tracks according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Always maintain a clean undercarriage.
  • Avoid too tight or too loose steel tracks as these will wear easily.

Seek the Help of Professionals

Aside from the equipment, you need to choose the right people for your next backyard renovation project. Find a highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced contractor. A trusted and reputable contractor has complete construction equipment, like mini excavators. If you’re looking for a home building professional in the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region of New York, you’ll find them at FindTheHomePros.com.


Inspect your mini excavator regularly to keep it up and running at all times. It also avoids costly repairs and work delays. Regardless of your backyard renovation project, a properly-functioning mini excavator will make your construction and renovation project successful. With regular maintenance and inspection of your mini excavator track, you’ll achieve your renovation goals sooner.